Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vegas Vacation - The Hotels

I am so excited to finally be posting about our trip to Vegas!
Yes, Michael and I went to Vegas.
Yes, we are fully aware of it's status of "Sin City" and "Sodom and Gamorrah" and etc.
And yes, we had a blast!
Like, so much fun I'm already planning to go back this summer!
You might remember this post from back in February when I posted about winning a free trip to Vegas.
Well, we actually went through with it and it was completely worth it!
*We did end up having to pay a little (surprise, surprise) 
We were originally going to take 3 flights there, and 2 back, and stay in a hotel off the strip.
Instead, we paid $160 and got direct flights, a hotel on the strip, and half a day extra time there.
We flew arrived in Vegas at 12:30 Monday morning, and left Vegas at 1:15 Wednesday morning.
It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we jam packed it with activities.
I've decided to split up the posts to make them easier to write, and read.
This one is all about the hotels in Vegas.
This was my absolute favorite part of Vegas.
The hotels are breathtaking! 
I'll start with our hotel - The Riviera.
Our shuttle driver told us that our hotel was not on the strip, but in my opinion it was.
I mean, if the Stratosphere is on the strip, than our was!
It was a bit of a walk down to the famous hotels, but definitely doable.
It looks pretty fancy from the outside, and the rooms are nice, but the lobbies and casino are pretty old and run down.
It was perfect as far as free hotels go!
There was even a wedding chapel right below our room.
How's that for convenience?! 
And here is the hotel in lights.

Next up, Michael's favorite hotel - The Bellagio
It really is beautiful.
Michael likes this hotel because of the Ocean's movies.
And for me, the Bellagio definitely wins best interiors.
This is the first thing that you see when you walk in the front doors - the Chihuly Glass
 We lucked out and got to go to Vegas in December, so everything was decorated for Christmas.
Polar bear made completely of flowers
Painting made completely of flowers
It was completely amazing!
We were a little overwhelmed with all they had going on in that hotel.
*Michael claims he saw Susan Surandon, but I didn't see her.

My favorite hotel was the Venetian/Palazzo.
First of all, it looks exactly like I remember Venice looking!
Most of Vegas is a wanna-be.
Wanna-be New York. Wanna-be Paris.
And yes, this isn't really Venice, but they came pretty close!
St Marks Square
Rialto Bridge
They even had gondolas! 
And Gondoliers that sang!
We didn't ride in one though, it was too cold.
This hotel won best exteriors for by far, and the inside wasn't too bad either.
You can't ask for much more when this is the first thing you see inside the hotel.
And then you get to the lobby,
Even the casino had incredible artwork
The outside of the hotel became even more beautiful at night, when it was all lit up.

The hotel that won best food is - The Cosmopolitan
To be fair, we didn't really try to other hotels' food...
but the secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan was DELICIOUS!
 Why is it secret??
Because they do not advertise or have any signage inside the hotel or out.
The only way to know about it is by word of mouth.
Lucky for me, my sister's friend told me about it.
We might have taken 2 laps around the hotel, but we found it, right down this hallway.
The exteriors of the hotel are really nothing to write home about,
but the indoor, 3-floor chandelier was gorgeous!
 And you can't forget about the giant high heel!

The Cosmopolitan finished in a tie for most girly with The Flamingo
 I mean, you can't get much more girly than live flamingos and pink-tinted windows.

It was interesting to see the difference in waitress from one casino to the next.
The Bellagio had young, attractive women dressed in tight black dresses,
while the Flamingo had much older women dressed in western attire.
Then there was our hotel...where I never even saw a waitress. Haha!

There were SO MANY other hotels that we never got to see inside due to lack of time.
Here are some of the others that we liked from the outside though.
Caesar's Palace
Trevi Fountain in the Roman Forum at Caesar's Palace
The Mirage
New York, New York
And then the one that might have been the biggest let-down...
Casino Royale
We had so much fun going from one hotel to the next, 
and that was only a small portion of our trip!!
Can't wait to share more later!

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