Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brookwood Open House

Last weekend a friend invited me to the Brookwood Community for their Open House.
She went last year for the first time, and loved it, and I was so excited to join!
The Brookwood Community is a Christian educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for adults with functional disabilities.
We took the youth group out to the Brookwood last January with the Aggies, which you can read about here.
This time, my friend and I were there for their Christmas program and open house.
We were able to take a tour of the facilities, the workshops where the residents make the most beautiful handmade pottery, dinnerware, ornaments, and the most beautiful plants.
We also got to tour some of resident's homes, and the beautiful chapel on the campus.
This is one of many stained glass windows in the chapel.
The main attraction of the day was the residents' Christmas play.
There were ballerinas and toy soldiers
 and they closed the show with the singing of Oh Holy Night.
They may night have gotten all the words right, but it was wonderful.
The program also included the famous bell choir.
They have played all over, including the National Anthem for the Astros.
They were excellent!
My highlight of the day was seeing my friend Joe!
We met him when we came in January, and I was really hoping to see him again.
He was working in the greenhouse when we came in, and he instantly began jumping up and down with excitement.
He showed us all around the greenhouse, and what jobs he does,
and he had the biggest smile when I showed him a photo of me and him from almost a year ago.
He is the sweetest man, and it was so special to see him again.
I had the best time at the Open House, and I'm already looking forward to going again next year!


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