Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Booster, Booster, Be a Booster

It is VBS this week at JV.
Which means that this is the second week of 3 in a row
that Michael will be putting on/leading a VBS.
(Last week at Impact, this week at JV, and next week at Foster's Children's Home)
Its a good thing its one of his many talents.
Here is a group photo from today:
 About a third of the people in that picture are teenagers.
I'm so proud of all our kids who have the desire to serve, and to lead
these little children every day for a week.
They are such a blessing and never cease to amaze me with their hearts.
I have to say that I have the best job at VBS.
My favorite.
Not to mention that the job is done within the first hour.
And I get to work with this sweet lady.
I have loved our daily conversations.
Ms Patsy is such an incredible woman, and I am trying to learn all I can from her.
Michael has an equally great (but more out-in-front role)
He is Daniel.
A little creepy, but the kids seem to love it.
 Don't worry though, Happy Johns still makes an appearance every now and then.
Its only day 2 of 5, but it has already been a great week!
In other good news:
I get to go on the mission trip next week!!
I know I am supposed to be an adult, and just go to work every day,
but it was killing me to miss all the youth trips this summer. 
So, I talked to both my boss, and my supervisor,
and I am going!! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sorry to disappoint, this is not a critique of the movie.
I actually hated that movie.
It was not funny.
The end.
This post is about my sister's upcoming wedding though!
They had planned on a May wedding, but moved it up to January, 
and I am SO excited!
A couple weeks ago I got this picture text from my sister.
 She really meant Matron of Honor for me, but it still works!
She asked each of the girls to take a picture with their response, 
and then I put them all together to make this.
I love that we each made our responses unique.
It's going to be a beautiful wedding, and so much fun with this group of girls.
January 20th, here we come!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Impact-ing Lives

Its that week of summer again.
Our week to spend at Impact Church of Christ.
I absolutely love this week of our summer calendar!
I love the Impact kids.
I love seeing our kids loving on the Impact kids.
 I love seeing our kids' eyes open to a different world, and seeing them
embrace that world as Jesus would. 
It is just a special week. 
Tuesday was the only day I got to go to Impact since I'm working now
My one day completely exhausted me, but it was worth it.
Look at those sweet kids.
 Michael led singing during VBS
And our youth kids spent LOTS of time with their little buddies.
Tuesday was also field trip day!
Our group went to the Houston Children's Museum.
It was absolutely crazy to take 150+ kids there on a busy summer day.
And every one of our kids swore to never have children afterwards, 
but it was awesome!
What a blessing to have this incredible mission in our own city.
The Impact Church of Christ is such a blessing!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Whole New Home - Well Living Room

Summer is here.
I know this because:
1) Michael has already been gone 3 days leaving me and Buster to take care of the house.
2) I'm living the adult live, working, and not going on said youth trips.
and 3) I have nothing to blog about due to the adult life.
  Hopefully things will get a little more exciting around here.

We are off to a good start for this weekend though, 
I posted way back here about picking out the laminate,
and now we finally get to have it in our home.
We had to wait on closing, and then we had to wait 2 weeks for the guys to 
install it, and then it took them 2 days instead of one.
Here was our first view when we got back home to the new floor.
We are in love.
I guess for you to get the magnitude of change you should see the before.
Weird, gray-blue carpet that is super old, and full of stains from years of wear, 
a different furniture arrangement, and a huge glass of Dr. Pepper.
And now that view looks like this.
Its a completely different room.
And it is amazing how much bigger the room seems now.
Here is a another before and after view.
 *I also might have used my good camera for the new floor photos, and not the carpet.
I guess I'm biased.
There are still some adjustments to make to the room
(like the itty bitty rug)
but we are so happy with how the floors turned out! 
Its the perfect way to begin our home ownership!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend with Mom and Dad

My parents came to visit us this weekend,
and I pretty much only got pictures of us eating.
We did do more than that though.
Friday, while Mom and I got our nails done, the boys went to see the Avengers.
Then we all met up at good ole Chick-fil-a
It was FREEZING inside, so we had to sit on the patio.
It got pretty hot.
We spent the rest of the day shopping, and then went out to dinner to celebrate
buying our first house.
We ate at Spring Creek and this was my meal.
Okra. So Yum.
And I also had some mac and cheese.
On Saturday we went to one of the biggest flea markets in the US
Trader's Village.

Its too bad we didn't think to go there back in November.
It was so hot outside, we did not stay long.
We were there long enough for me to find my twin though:
That's a little embarrassing.
And Sunday was jam packed full of church/youth ministry events.
Its great to spend the entire day with our church family,
but even better when our real family can be there with us.
Here is a sweet picture I got of some of our youth girls at the event on Sunday night.
I love seeing the older girls mentor the younger ones!
Love them so much!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Well, it's Friday, and I'm still posting about last weekend.
That's not a good sign.
It means that A - I'm not an awesome blogger.
(but who really thought I was??)
and B - I have (somewhat) entered the adult world of having a job during the week,
and doing all the fun stuff during the weekend.
*On a side note: I am absolutely LOVING my internship!
All the people are so wonderful, helpful, and loving,
and I don't even mind spending so many hours there during the day.
I already have clients, and I can tell its going to be a great year!
Back to last weekend.
I drove to Oklahoma on Friday, and stayed with my sister until Monday.
I had so much fun spending time with her and Jon (as always)
and I just can't wait until their wedding!
My parents came down on Saturday, and we all went to see the wedding venue:
The Farmers Market
It is such a pretty place, and it will make a really neat wedding site.
It won't look just like this. It was set up a little weird.
I made her do this. Duh.
The rest of the day was spent shopping for Sooner/Thunder gear.
These are my purchases.
Gotta love Campus Corner!
And then we spent Saturday night cheering on the Thunder to victory
 Okay, I was only halfway watching, but it still counts.

So that is the rest of last weekend!
And now, its this weekend, and my parents are in town,
so I'm going to get my nails done and shop with my mom!!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandpa Baird

Last weekend, I drove to Oklahoma to celebrate one of my very favorite people.
My Grandpa.
He is turning 80 this month, so all of my Dad's side got 
together to celebrate over the weekend.
We have not all been together since Michael and I got married.
I don't have the group picture, but here are all the cousins 
with Grandma and Grandpa Baird
I had so much fun seeing everyone and catching up.
We watched really old home movies
(like, movies of my Dad as a baby)
Ate yummy BBQ and cobbler.
And had a small worship-type service.
My Grandpa has dedicated his entire life to ministry through mission work in Norway, 
to 30+ years of preaching, so this was perfect for him.
It was really neat to be able to have all our family together
worshiping and giving thanks for an incredible man.
Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa
Grandpa, his kids, and their cousins
4 Generations of Baird men
Baird (and Wheat) girls
Sweet new friends
My grandparents are amazing examples of a Christian couple, 
and parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents.
Michael and I have learned so much from them, 
and hope that we can be half as effective in ministry as they have in their lives.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!!
I love you, and am so thankful for your influence in my life!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Its a Big Day

Today was a big day.
Like, we hit more than one milestone in this day.
Today made me feel like such an adult.
First, I started my internship!!
It was only a 3 hour training, but it was my first day and I was super excited.
I also work tomorrow, and Thursday...
I'm a big girl now.

The second milestone came this afternoon when Michael and I closed on our house!
I have the best husband, who made it so easy on me.
All I had to do was show up, and sign.
 I mean, I had to sign approximately 1,000 times, but he did everything else.
It was a breeze!
The best part is: we got a house and we don't even have to move anywhere.
How perfect.
God has truly blessed us with this house, and with our church home, 
and we know that he has been working through all of this for His purpose.
God is so good!
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