Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End

Its the end of the month...
which means that I finished the February photo-a-day contest.
I will have a whole post recapping the months photos, but for now, 
here are my last ones from the month's challenge.
Monday's topic was something you ate
We ate here for dinner on Sunday, and it is SO good!
Seriously great pizza.
And I have eaten a lot of pizza, so I feel like I'm a pretty good judge.
I ate the leftovers for both lunch and dinner on Monday.
I'm telling you - its good!
Tuesday's topic was money
This is all the money in our entire house.
We never have cash...keep that in mind when you try to break in to our house.
Also, remember when the "new quarters" were so cool??
I kind of what to bring it back.
Any takers??
And lastly, today's topic was something you're listening to
This is the Christian station in Houston.
I love it.
I started listening to it last year when I spent so much time driving to and from school.
It really eliminated my stress and anxiety levels.
Sometimes (usually during the girls' songs) it is annoying.
But most the time I love it!

So there you have it.
I finished the Feb photo-a-day challenge.
See you in March!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

I mentioned yesterday that Michael and I finally had a weekend where we got to spend some time together.
Friday afternoon we ate a late lunch before he went to the overnight men's retreat at church.
And Saturday, we did something that Michael had been excited about all week...
we took a tour of a timeshare resort.
Aka - we were bored out of our minds for 3+ hours.
Not my idea of fun.
What does all this have to do with Vegas??
Well, the upside to spending over 3 hours at a timeshare resort (in Conroe, TX of all places!) was that we got some prizes for enduring the pain.
That's the whole reason we went up there.
Not because we had any plans to buy a timeshare type thing (cause its not really a timeshare, I just don't have a better explanation)
but because they guaranteed us some prizes.
First, we got a scratch off card which promised either
1) $49,000 - which Michael was just sure we were going to win!
2) A new Mercedes, or BMW
3) $1500 Shopping Spree at select stores
4) $500 cash
5) 4 night stay in either Hawaii, Aruba, or Jamaica
*We ended up winning the trip. 
The only catch is that you have to pay for your flights and food while there, and you have to go on a date that works best for the travel agent.
We'll see if we ever make it to Maui!
The second prize was either a trip to Orlando, a cruise, or a trip to Vegas.
(You get it now, right?)
We chose VEGAS!!
 This is actually a pretty sweet deal.
It is 2 nights hotel, and both our flights to and from Vegas.
We still have to go through the travel agent, but with it only being 2 days, it should be fairly easy to find a time that works for us.
Neither of us have ever been to Vegas, but we have been told that 2 days is plenty.
We have some plans for things to see and do:
The Pawn Stars shop - duh!
All of this touristy stuff.
If its good enough for the Griswalds, its good enough for me!
That's about all we know of to see/do there.
If any of you have been to Vegas before, I would love any ideas or tips.
And if you get asked to do a 90 minute resort tour...
its (pretty much) worth it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Well, not many of you commented on whether or not I should do the March photo-a-day,
but those who did said to go for it, 
so I accept the challenge.
Here is the list of topics, just in case anyone else wants to jump in on it.
This one will be a little more challenging, because we are going to be traveling a lot in March.
As for some more February photos:
Friday's topic was inside your bathroom cabinet
Well, I don't use the bathroom cabinet, so here is my vanity.
Saturday was green
Michael just happened to be wearing the perfect green shirt,
and I made him hold green sour patch kids...cause we love them!
And Sunday's topic was night
After an incredible youth led service at church, and dinner, I spent the evening catching up on all the winners from Oscar night.

It was so nice to be able to spend some time with Michael during the weekend.
Next weekend we will be extremely busy at Spring Sing with the youth group!
I'm so excited to go and see friends and family that I have been missing!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Days Go By

I am always amazed at how fast the week goes by!
It's really nice that I only have to drive to campus (60 miles away) twice a week, but it really does make the week seem super short. 
Which is a good thing.
Actually, a great thing!
*On a side note: Keith Urban is not coming to the Houston Rodeo this year, and Michael and I are more than a little disappointed! 
Looks like no rodeo for us. :(

To catch you up on my February Photo-a-day challenge:
Monday was handwriting, and this was literally the only thing I wrote...all day.
Tuesday was a fave photo of you.
This is my fave photo, with my fave guy!
Wednesday was where you work.
Well, this is as close as I get to a 'work space' right now.
And today's, was shoes.
I see client's on Thursdays, so unfortunately I had to wear these shoes all day.
In other news: I have been a slight insomniac lately.
I don't think I have been to bed for 2am any night this week.
Actually, I have been in bed before then...I just can't sleep.
So, instead, I make picture collages!
And now I have a question for YOU.
I found the topics for the March Photo-a-Day Challenge.
I need some opinions. 
Should I take the next month's challenge, or just blog the way I used to?
Leave a comment and tell me whether you have liked the Feb Photo-a-day, loved it, hated it, or don't care either way.
I really do want your comments though.
For real.
So please take the time to tell me what you think.
I would greatly appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IMDb Addict

If you know me 
(and if you're reading this blog, then you probably do because you are either my mom or my sister)
then you know that Michael and I love movies.
What do we do on date nights?
Go see a movie.
What do we do on homework nights?
Watch a movie on Netflix and read.
What Groupons do we buy?
The ones that give us a free soda with our movie.
We love movies.
Recently, I have become completely addicted to the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) app.

Specifically, the "Coming Soon" tab.
I can't stop looking at it and adding movies to my "Watch List".
Here are some of my most anticipated movies of 2012, in release date order.

1. Bel Ami 
For obvious reasons.

2. The Hunger Games!!!
Read the books.
Loved the books.
Everything I've seen from the movie looks accurate.
I'm excited!

3. The Lucky One
Same reasons as above.
a. the obvious (Zac Efron)
b. Read the book
c. Loved the book
But mostly reason a.

4. Men in Black III
I have been waiting on this for 10 years.
(Michael and I are currently arguing over who is the bigger fan.
I guess we will see come May 25th)

5. That's My Boy
Let me explain this by saying that Leighton Meester is in it.
She's pretty much my girl crush lately, so I'll be there.

6. The Untitled Taken Sequel
*No picture available
The title says it all.

7. The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2
Ignore the date.
I'm excited and sad, all at the same time.

8. Les Miserables
*Again, no poster released
This is pretty far up on the list of ones I am most excited about.
I absolutely love Les Mis
It brings back memories of high school, and band, and Europe.
I just hope its better than Mama Mia.

9. The Great Gatsby
 I haven't read the book, but I want to before seeing the movie.
I would see it solely for the acting though.
There are some good ones.

10. Titanic 3D
I still haven't let go, Jack.
I'll never let go.

11. Loft
*Picture not available
It has Wentworth Miller and Cyclops.
That means Michael will actually see it with me!

I guess just to make it an even 12...
The Dark Knight Rises
 The things I do for love.

So there you have it. 
The movies I am looking forward to most for this coming year.
If you want a real list of what movies to look for, be watching this blog here.
What movies are you looking forward to this year?

*All images via

Monday, February 20, 2012

Being Productive

This weekend I was able to be so productive!
I mean, I am pretty productive every weekend because I have to be, 
but this weekend it was because I was able to be.
Michael left Friday afternoon to go to the T3 Conference with the youth in Dallas.
It was so nice that he had 3 other adults going with him, 
which meant that I would be able to stay home and get some homework done - something I hadn't done on the weekends since the start of school due to the busy youth schedule.
On Friday, I went over to a friend's house to exercise.
And I got a private concert from her little 4 year old boy.
The photo topic for Friday was time, so I called this "concert time".
 He has the entire Josh Groban concert DVD memorized.
It was incredible!
I did homework and watched documentaries that afternoon.
Friday night I got to catch up with Claire.
We spent lots of time talking about Europe, and traveling, and packing, and I helped her set up the blog she is going to be using while she is in Italy.
You can follow her travels here.
Saturday I bought a shower gift for a good friend, finished so many readings for class, and caught up on some movies that I hadn't seen yet.
I also had time to cook a delicious dinner for myself.
And the photo topic for Saturday was drink
so I had my new favorite drink with my dinner.
Sunday, like always, I spent most of the day at church.
In the afternoon I went to my good friend Meagan's wedding shower.
She is getting married in 2 weeks!
The photo topic was something you hate to do,
and I absolutely hate saying goodbye to good friends
Michael got home yesterday afternoon, and it was so great to just spend time with him and not have to be thinking about homework, because it was already done!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby Kayley

As of Tuesday Michael and I have a new little niece!
Her name is Kayley Elizabeth.
And she is just perfect.
We weren't able to be there for the birth, so here are a few photos I stole from Facebook.
First picture of the new family
Sweet Sisters
The Blanche girls
These are the times that it is hardest for us to be so far from family.
We hate having to miss out on such big life events.
We love her so much already, 
and can't wait until Spring Break when we get to meet her.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Catch Up

Amazingly, I am still keeping up with the February Photo-A-Day Challenge.
This week has probably been the most boring photo topics,
which is why I have not blogged about them until now.
Day 12: Inside my closet
Day 13: Blue
Day 14: Heart
Wearing my heart necklace that Michael gave me!
And Day 15: Phone
So boring.
Day 16: Something New
Wearing my new Jason Wu shirt for the 2nd time in 5 days.
I'm not mad.

No good stories to go with the pictures this week.
Hence, why they are so boring.
In other news, I made some delicious and festive Valentine cookies this week.
And tonight I get to have a sleepover with Claire!!
I have to get in all the time with her that I can before she leaves me to go live it up in Italy. 
Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Living on Love

I usually don't put that much stock in Valentine's Day.
I mean, I like it.
It's all pinks and reds, flowers and hearts.
That's my kind of day.
But Michael and I have never gone just over the top on Valentine's Day.
(Except that one time he rented a limo...that was pretty sweet!)
This was limo night...minus the limo
We usually just try to plan a fun date night together, which for the past 2 years has involved paint, 
maybe a movie, and a yummy dinner.
We usually get each other a small gift, but nothing big.
This year though...
Man, this Valentine's has been over the top awesome!

First, Michael bought me some gorgeous Jason Wu clothes, which I talked about here.
Then, after my FTSA meeting on Saturday I came home to find this.
And at the end of the streamer pathway I found this!
The gift bag is perfume.
And tonight he is taking me to see The Vow.
He definitely went over the top this year!

Another outpouring of love that was a complete surprise came from my Mom.
Last Wednesday, I walked out the door to go to church and found this on the porch.
I was so excited, but a little confused.
If you know my Mom, you know that she is always on time.
Even when it comes to the postal service.
Birthday cards, anniversary cards - always on time.
(or 1 day early if they fall on a Sunday)
So I immediately erased the thought that this could be a Valentine's Day gift because it was almost a week early.
I figured it was just something that came to them and they needed to send.
But then I opened it.
First I found a beautiful card...but it was in an envelope so I skipped that and went right to the tin.
I have forever admired my Mom's collection of Mary Engelbreit tins.
She always said this girl was me because of the long dark hair.
I was so happy that she thought to send me a package, 
let alone the most perfect Valentine's Day tin,
that I burst into tears.
Then came the book.
Under the tin, I found a book that my Mom has read to us numerous times since we were little.
The Love You Forever Book.
It wasn't just the plain book though...
its a recordable book.
I was supposed to be on my way to church, but instead I just stood in my kitchen and let my Mom read to me while I cried the happiest of tears.
It is such a special book, and even more special to be able to have her voice reading it to me, 
just like she has so many times before.
Its cheesy, I know.
But it is so special to me. 
I could not have asked for a better Valentine's surprise!

I have definitely been feeling the love today.
I hope that you all have been blessed and are feeling so much love today as well.
Happy Valentine's Day!!
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