Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VIP Valentine Banquet

Saturday was the VIP Valentine Banquet put on by the youth group.
What are VIPs?
Well, I actually have no idea what it stands for, 
but I do know that the banquet was for everyone at our church 55 or older.
So yes, the VIPs are what you would call elderly
(Sorry Mom!)
The youth girls made the heart decorations
(placemats and silverware holders)
And the high school girls and myself set up all the decorations.
 Isn't it beautiful?
And festive!
The kids were so great at interacting with the VIPs, and serving them the entire day.
It was so special to see the two groups together.
First, we served them a delicious Italian lunch.
Then we had a time where the VIPs shared about their faith, their marriage, and any advice they had to give the youth kids.
And we ended the afternoon with Bunco.
It was a wonderful afternoon!
I'm so proud of all of the youth kids and the servant hearts that they have.
I just hope that when I'm old-er I will have kids like them that want to spend time with me.

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