Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Catch Up

Amazingly, I am still keeping up with the February Photo-A-Day Challenge.
This week has probably been the most boring photo topics,
which is why I have not blogged about them until now.
Day 12: Inside my closet
Day 13: Blue
Day 14: Heart
Wearing my heart necklace that Michael gave me!
And Day 15: Phone
So boring.
Day 16: Something New
Wearing my new Jason Wu shirt for the 2nd time in 5 days.
I'm not mad.

No good stories to go with the pictures this week.
Hence, why they are so boring.
In other news, I made some delicious and festive Valentine cookies this week.
And tonight I get to have a sleepover with Claire!!
I have to get in all the time with her that I can before she leaves me to go live it up in Italy. 
Happy Weekend!!


  1. Wait.. Why are you mad that you're wearing your shirt? Also, your shirt kind of blends in with your skin.. I had to do a double take! Haha..

    I forgot Claire was going to Italy! That would be so fun! Have fun with your sleepover!

  2. I said that I'm not mad. Like, I don't mind that I wore it twice this week...
    Also, that's a little rude. I got many compliments on my shirt, so no one else thought I was naked.

  3. Ohh, I think I took it as a sarcastic "I'm not mad".

    And, haha.. I think it's just because of how the color of the picture is. I'm sure in real life it doesn't look that way!


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