Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo A Day

I've decided to try something new this month.
Its the February Photo A Day challenge.
 I have always been interested in the photo-a-day things that people do,
but I have never felt like I could commit to one for an entire year.
Which is what I had seen before.
This one is just a month long though.
And its February, which is the shortest month!
Win, Win!
I also think that this will help me in my blogging.
I will have something to post every day!
Which means that I will just have to make time to post it. 
So, here is my picture for February 1st.
Topic: My view
Michael serving at the Wednesday night meal.
He and the other ministers made lasagna, spaghetti and salad for 60 people. 
And it was delicious!
He is a wonderful servant, and I am very lucky to have him!


  1. Thanks!! I'm looking forward to seeing if I can stick with it!


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