Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

I mentioned yesterday that Michael and I finally had a weekend where we got to spend some time together.
Friday afternoon we ate a late lunch before he went to the overnight men's retreat at church.
And Saturday, we did something that Michael had been excited about all week...
we took a tour of a timeshare resort.
Aka - we were bored out of our minds for 3+ hours.
Not my idea of fun.
What does all this have to do with Vegas??
Well, the upside to spending over 3 hours at a timeshare resort (in Conroe, TX of all places!) was that we got some prizes for enduring the pain.
That's the whole reason we went up there.
Not because we had any plans to buy a timeshare type thing (cause its not really a timeshare, I just don't have a better explanation)
but because they guaranteed us some prizes.
First, we got a scratch off card which promised either
1) $49,000 - which Michael was just sure we were going to win!
2) A new Mercedes, or BMW
3) $1500 Shopping Spree at select stores
4) $500 cash
5) 4 night stay in either Hawaii, Aruba, or Jamaica
*We ended up winning the trip. 
The only catch is that you have to pay for your flights and food while there, and you have to go on a date that works best for the travel agent.
We'll see if we ever make it to Maui!
The second prize was either a trip to Orlando, a cruise, or a trip to Vegas.
(You get it now, right?)
We chose VEGAS!!
 This is actually a pretty sweet deal.
It is 2 nights hotel, and both our flights to and from Vegas.
We still have to go through the travel agent, but with it only being 2 days, it should be fairly easy to find a time that works for us.
Neither of us have ever been to Vegas, but we have been told that 2 days is plenty.
We have some plans for things to see and do:
The Pawn Stars shop - duh!
All of this touristy stuff.
If its good enough for the Griswalds, its good enough for me!
That's about all we know of to see/do there.
If any of you have been to Vegas before, I would love any ideas or tips.
And if you get asked to do a 90 minute resort tour...
its (pretty much) worth it!


  1. How exciting! Oh and I watch Pawn Stars probably every night (not 100% by choice....but I still watch it)

  2. Oh and the ONE thing I regret not trying, was the minus 5 bar in vegas! If you go, I want to see photos of this icebar! http://www.minus5experience.com/

  3. Wow! Lucky! How did you hear about this tour?? Haha I want to do one, with prizes like that!

  4. Ask my mom! She has tons of advice! She goes there almost every year!


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