Monday, February 6, 2012


Monday nights are Bible Study Nights at our house. 
We used to have them at the church building, but started having them at our house in October,
and I have been so happy.
I just love getting to have the teens come over every week!
I love it when they show up early.
I love it when they walk in the front door without knocking.
And I really love it when they stay late (unless Gossip Girl is on ;)
But really, I love it all.
I usually try to serve some kind of yummy snack, 
but since we had SO MANY leftovers from this weekend,
we all got to eat dinner together tonight.
Which went perfectly with the February Photo-a-Day Challenge, 
since today's topic was dinner.
Here we all are eating together.
Yes, that is a plastic table.
No, we do not have one that will seat more than 4 people.
No, I do not plan to buy one anytime in the near future.

After everyone left, I decided that I would start trimming our trees.
The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and I needed to get these babies cut down before its too late.

I'm pretty proud of myself!
And, I only have about 6 more that left to trim. :)


  1. My wife is a beast! The good kind of course

  2. I think I'm confused as to why you had to cut your tree down to nothing like that..

  3. Well, it is a crape mertyle, and you are supposed to trim them down every late winter/early spring so that the new blooms can grow in. I might have cut this one a little short. I should have googled first, cut later. Oops!

  4. Looks pretty good to me!! Feel free to head on up this way in a month or so and trim ours too! :)


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