Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hearts All Around

This weekend was completely full of church/youth events,
bit I did not forget about my photo challenge. 
The topic on Friday was hands.
My hands were tying lots and lots of bows on Friday night while helping the Sr High girls decorate for the Valentine Banquet. 
Here is the finished product.
So pretty and festive, right?
(More on that later...)
Saturdays topic was a stranger.
This one was a little tricky.
Luckily, we went out to dinner and I stood behind this girl
And I really liked her coat.
So, it worked out!
And today's topic was 10:00am
and I was at church getting ready for worship to start with these guys!

In other news:
Friday night, our church showed the movie Courageous.
Michael and I saw it in theaters, and thought that it was really good.
A little cheesy and not the best acting, but so touching, and a very good message.
And tonight, Michael preached his second sermon.
The crowd was a little small due to a football game or something, but he did great and didn't seem nervous at all. 
 I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


  1. I want to see that movie! Looks emotional though. "due to a football game or something" ..ha.

    Jon and I are SO EXCITED to be coming there so soon! We talk about it often.. thought you guys should know! :)

  2. It is emotional. But so good. I only watched for about 15 minutes (I was preparing snacks and helping with childcare) and it made me tear up. Its worth it though.
    We are super excited too!! I have already been making plans for what we will do while you're here! Its going to be so much fun!!

  3. You did an amazing job on decorating with the senior high girls. Without y'all, it would have been plain tables and chairs. Thank you love!


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