Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night

Yesterday's photo topic was self portrait
Probably my least favorite so far.
I just don't love being in the photos. 
That's all.
We had planned to go see The Vow last night, 
but got a last minute invite to see Tim Hawkins and Bob Smiley's comedy show.
Now, I have seen Bob Smiley many a times at Camp Uplift.
So, I was not that excited about him.
He really surprised me though and was completely hilarious!
Especially when he made a joke about baptists drinking...and we were sitting in a completely packed First Baptist Houston.
Tim Hawkins was really great too!
The best part was getting to spend time with some friends from Memorial that we haven't seen in a while. 
I'm so happy that those relationships continue even when we are at a new church!

Today's photo was makes me happy
Date nights make me happy!!
(Don't tell Michael I cut his hair out...he's sensitive about it)
For our date tonight Michael got us a reservation at Painting with a Twist.
It is a place where you get instructed on how to paint a certain painting step by step.
Here we are all smocked up.
They make it pretty easy.
Our painting is called "Starry Night Over Houston"
Here is the before.
And here is the process.
It was a 3 hour class.
I've never thought I had ADD until this class.
I got so bored!
It really is a fun thing to do, but 3 hours is a LONG time.
Somehow we managed to make it through.
And here is the rest of our class.
Please refrain from comparing our to the others.
And lastly, here is an up close view of our painting.
Not terrible,
but definitely not awesome.
That huge building is just bad.
And I don't want to talk about it. 
But really, Painting with a Twist...its a great date night!
And I'll take any date night that doesn't involve 20 plus teenagers!


  1. Im super impressed with your painting! Art is one of the many things I cannot I'm always impressed by people that can paint!

  2. Okay first, I LOVE your self-portrait picture! You look gorgeous! Second, I REALLY want to see The Vow! I think we might go next weekend.. And third, I would probably get bored too, but that sounds so fun!

  3. Thanks Kitty!! They really did make it very simple for us! Haha! You could definitely do something like that!

  4. Aww, thanks Sister! I think we are going to see the Vow after I get out of class on Valentine's Day. We will see how crazy the theater is...


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