Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Shack

Michael and I talk on the phone pretty often during the day.
Especially Tuesdays because I am usually off of work.
Today, he mentioned that he had to go to Radio Shack twice to get the right cord.
No big deal.
Until he came home from work and I saw what hew was wearing.
I asked him "Did the guy at Radio Shack think you worked there?"
He replied that yes, "The guy asked if I was there for the delivery...and I was really confused!"

This is a running joke for us.
Due to Michael's love for polos, he finds himself in this situation often.
Sometimes it is Target, CVS, Chick-fil-a, Wal-mart.
The list goes on. 
Usually there is not such an awkward situation with the employee, so I just had to share his experience from today.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Radical Retreat

This past weekend was our annual JV Youth Spring Retreat.
It is for the entire youth group, and it is just the JV kids, unlike the Fall Retreat with several churches.
We went out to Livingston, TX to Camp Cho Yeh.
This was a new campsite to us, but the kids LOVED it, and are already asking to go back.
We left Friday evening, in the Houston traffic, and started the weekend off with a bang when the bus died, and we were stranded on the side of the highway.
Luckily, there were several other vehicles in our group, so we fit all but 1 kid and Michael in the cars to go on out to the campsite.
And elder from our church drove the other bus out to Michael, and he was just about an hour behind us getting to Cho Yeh.

The retreat was based off of the book Radical, and Michael was asking the kids to do something radical with their faith. 
Maybe that meant giving something up to better focus their lives on Christ, 
or maybe that meant adding something that was going to stretch you in your walk with God.
At the end of the retreat, each of the kids (and adults) wrote a resolution and presented it to the group about how they were going to make changes and be radical.
Then, they got a t-shirt that says "I'm a Christian" which is a pretty radical thing in itself. 
I am excited to see how the Lord works in our lives to make us more radical for Christ, and less dependent on the things of this world. 

When we weren't worshiping together, or doing lessons, the weekend was full of other fun activities.
We had a camp fire, and roasted marshmallows for smores.
The kids all got to do a high ropes course, and I am SO proud of the courage they showed.
And there was free time for games, jumping on the bouncy pillow, hunting lizzards, and jumping in the lake...
Okay, maybe they weren't supposed to be in the lake, but that's what happened.
It was an awesome weekend, with some amazing teenagers!
We only had 4 kids that were Juniors and Seniors, which tells me that the future is bright at JV!!

Chugging a Cherry Coke through someone else's sock

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Five

Walking under a beautiful rainbow.
This was part of the decorations at the JV Ladies Retreat last weekend.
I have never been to a ladies retreat, and this was a great first experience.
The speakers were excellent, and so relevant, and I got to spend time with the wonderful women at my church, and get to know some of them much better.
It was a wonderful weekend!

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt.
My original plan was to get a snow cone, but those places were closed, so I settled for yogurt.
The fruity pebbles were a great choice!

How excited was I to delete this app?!
Super excited!
I only have one more week of internship and then I will have a whole month off!!

My middle school girls.
We talked about Wisdom on Wednesday, and one of the other teachers (who actually prepares for class) had this craft, and she let me piggy-back on that idea.
Aren't they so cute?

Last but not least, this gem of a photo.
You gotta love the Throwback Thursdays...and those glasses, and my dad's hair.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Frolicking in the Flowers

After spending all Friday with Ring Festivities, we spent Saturday with the flowers.
Well, really we spent most of Saturday eating and shopping,
but the other part of the day was spent with flowers.
Claire took us to the George Bush Presidential Library to take some pictures.
We didn't go inside, but spent a lot of time in the garden.
Beautiful Sawyer Ladies! Love them so much!
Sweetest Friends
Cutest little new ring owners around!
 After the Presidential Library, we went down the road to a patch of blue bonnets.
We had lots of fun having another little photo shoot in the blue bonnets.
Of course, with 3 divas girls, a good picture is easier said than done.
Not to mention that it was a little bit bright outside.
We all shed a few tears trying to get some good photos...
I may or may not have had the hardest time with the sun.
Claire wouldn't let me wear sunglasses, and I have sensitive eyes.
It was rough.
At least Claire and Trey got a cute one though!!
I had such a fun weekend in College Station with Claire and her wonderful friends and family, 
especially her sweet Mommy!
I am counting down the days until our Girls Weekend in Vegas!!

Oh yeah, did I mention we are going to Vegas in July?
Celine - Here we come!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Aggie Ring Day

Since my first summer in Houston, 6 years ago, I have been hearing about the Texas A&M traditions, 
and yesterday I got to experience my first one - 
Aggie Ring Day.
It is a big deal around Aggieland, and these rings are prized possessions.
You must complete 90 hours of credits to get your ring, and yesterday was the big day for Claire!
They have 3 ring days a year: April, September and November.
I was told that yesterday's had the most people than any previous Ring Day.
It was CRAZY!
Here's how it goes. 
Earlier this year Claire picked out her ring, paid for it, and signed up for a time slot.
At that time she goes into a big building to the S section (her last name)
From there she goes into a smaller room, to the part of the table specifically marked for the group that includes her name.
She has to show her ticket and ID, sign her name, and then she will get her ring.
Claire chose to get her ring from her brother, Scott.
We had to clear out of that room pretty quickly so that the other people could get their ring.
From there we went outside to take pictures with all the family that came down for the day.
It was extra special because Claire's boyfriend, Trey also got his ring, along with some of their good friends from AFC.
That's just the beginning of the day.
Once we finished with pictures, and ate some dinner, we went to the big Ring Dunk Party.
Claire and Trey had their party with two friends, Andy and Erin.
There was lots of family, and LOTS of friends at Andy and Trey's house for the party,
and at 8:14pm (20:14 military time, for the class of 2014) they dunked.
What does it mean to dunk?
It means they have a pitcher of drink, and they drop their ring in.
Then they drink.
And drink.
Possibly spill some.
And drink some more until their ring makes it to their mouth.
They all dunked so well, and not a single one of them puked - which was awesome.
So there you have it.
They are official Aggies now, rings and all!
I am SO proud of Claire, and can't believe that she is already old enough to be wearing that ring.
Thanks so much for including me in your special day, Claire!!
Congrats on your AGGIE RING!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Five

I know that last time it was 5 pictures,
but this time it is 5...thoughts?
Who knows, who cares - its still 5 things, of some sort. 

1) Yesterday was my sister's birthday.
And now I've given her birthday wishes via all forms of social media that I am a part of.
Love you so much Sister!
Hope it was the happiest of birthdays!
The best part of this collage is the fact that my hair was bigger than Bailey when we were little.

2) I have the best husband.
Don't even try to fight me.
I came home to cupcakes last week, and You've Got Mail today.
The guy knows me.

3) I do not like to work out.
At all.
I might even say that I hate to work out.
But, it is easier now that I don't have to leave home to do it.
Nobody will judge me for my weird workout clothes.
Here are a few examples:
I don't know what's scarier: the clothes or the exercising.

4) Youth devotionals are quickly becoming my favorite thing.
It warms my heart to see so many teens coming to worship and study our Lord to start their week.
And the love and hospitality from the parents welcoming us into their homes is so encouraging.
I just love it.
That's not even all of them.
There are at least 10 not pictured.
And it gives Michael the opportunity to take more weird pictures with strange animals.

5) I am going to experience my first (and let's be real, only) Aggie Ring Day today!
Little Baby Claire is growing up fast.
More pics from this day to come!
I'm sure it will be CRAZY!

Happy Friday, and Happy Weekend!!
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