Sunday, April 14, 2013

Frolicking in the Flowers

After spending all Friday with Ring Festivities, we spent Saturday with the flowers.
Well, really we spent most of Saturday eating and shopping,
but the other part of the day was spent with flowers.
Claire took us to the George Bush Presidential Library to take some pictures.
We didn't go inside, but spent a lot of time in the garden.
Beautiful Sawyer Ladies! Love them so much!
Sweetest Friends
Cutest little new ring owners around!
 After the Presidential Library, we went down the road to a patch of blue bonnets.
We had lots of fun having another little photo shoot in the blue bonnets.
Of course, with 3 divas girls, a good picture is easier said than done.
Not to mention that it was a little bit bright outside.
We all shed a few tears trying to get some good photos...
I may or may not have had the hardest time with the sun.
Claire wouldn't let me wear sunglasses, and I have sensitive eyes.
It was rough.
At least Claire and Trey got a cute one though!!
I had such a fun weekend in College Station with Claire and her wonderful friends and family, 
especially her sweet Mommy!
I am counting down the days until our Girls Weekend in Vegas!!

Oh yeah, did I mention we are going to Vegas in July?
Celine - Here we come!!

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