Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Five

Walking under a beautiful rainbow.
This was part of the decorations at the JV Ladies Retreat last weekend.
I have never been to a ladies retreat, and this was a great first experience.
The speakers were excellent, and so relevant, and I got to spend time with the wonderful women at my church, and get to know some of them much better.
It was a wonderful weekend!

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt.
My original plan was to get a snow cone, but those places were closed, so I settled for yogurt.
The fruity pebbles were a great choice!

How excited was I to delete this app?!
Super excited!
I only have one more week of internship and then I will have a whole month off!!

My middle school girls.
We talked about Wisdom on Wednesday, and one of the other teachers (who actually prepares for class) had this craft, and she let me piggy-back on that idea.
Aren't they so cute?

Last but not least, this gem of a photo.
You gotta love the Throwback Thursdays...and those glasses, and my dad's hair.

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