Saturday, April 6, 2013

Progressive Dinner

Last night was another one of our Friday Night Lights.
These take place every first Friday of the month, and were started as an outreach event by our teens.
We do something different every time, and this month it was a progressive dinner.
There were 3 stops throughout the night, one for appetizers, one for entrees, one for dessert.
The first stop was Chilis:
I'll be real honest, the Chili's staff had a love-hate relationship with us.
The manager loved us.
She was super nice and very thankful that we "picked her Chili's".
The hosts hated us.
They were running around like crazy trying to get all 30 of us seated.
The waiters hated us at first.
I mean, we were their worst nightmare: 
A huge group of teenagers, ordering waters, and just eating appetizers.
I would be scared too.
But after we gave them a very generous tip, I'm pretty sure they loved us.
 Next stop, and much less dramatic I might add, was Smashburger.
They were super sweet, and even gave us a couple free burgers...
how teens can forget what they ordered by the time the food gets there is beyond me.
Happy my friend Apple came with us!
The last stop was originally planned to be the Yogurt Cup,
but we got there at 10:10, and they were closed. 
The next choice was a cupcake place - also closed.
So last resort, we all went to Sonic and got sundaes and blasts.
How many kids can fit in the back of my car?
It took us the entire 4 hours to go to all 3 places (and actually a little more, but I won't mention that...
(it was Michael's first time being late to parents' pickup)
Good times were had, and great food was eaten!

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