Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Five

I know that last time it was 5 pictures,
but this time it is 5...thoughts?
Who knows, who cares - its still 5 things, of some sort. 

1) Yesterday was my sister's birthday.
And now I've given her birthday wishes via all forms of social media that I am a part of.
Love you so much Sister!
Hope it was the happiest of birthdays!
The best part of this collage is the fact that my hair was bigger than Bailey when we were little.

2) I have the best husband.
Don't even try to fight me.
I came home to cupcakes last week, and You've Got Mail today.
The guy knows me.

3) I do not like to work out.
At all.
I might even say that I hate to work out.
But, it is easier now that I don't have to leave home to do it.
Nobody will judge me for my weird workout clothes.
Here are a few examples:
I don't know what's scarier: the clothes or the exercising.

4) Youth devotionals are quickly becoming my favorite thing.
It warms my heart to see so many teens coming to worship and study our Lord to start their week.
And the love and hospitality from the parents welcoming us into their homes is so encouraging.
I just love it.
That's not even all of them.
There are at least 10 not pictured.
And it gives Michael the opportunity to take more weird pictures with strange animals.

5) I am going to experience my first (and let's be real, only) Aggie Ring Day today!
Little Baby Claire is growing up fast.
More pics from this day to come!
I'm sure it will be CRAZY!

Happy Friday, and Happy Weekend!!

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