Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter by Target

I just love Easter Sunday!
It means Spring is here.
For at least one day my entire Facebook news feed is full of posts about Jesus.
Everyone is wearing bright colors and pastels.
Its a beautiful, wonderful day.

And today seemed to be brought to us by 2 places:
Target and Kohl's.
Everyone I talked to was wearing something from one of these 2 stores.
I even did an impromptu add for Target with some of the youth kids.
 I'm such a skilled model I can even make it look like I don't have fingers.
But alas, I have all five.
The Kohl's/Target trend was even true for me and Michael.
His is Kohl's. Mine is Target.
Unfortunately, this hipster pic is the only one I have of us from today.

I hope your Easter was blessed, and that you took time to focus on the real reason for the day.
Our Savior, Christ Jesus!
He is Risen!

Dress: Target
Cardigan : H&M
Purse: Target

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Camp Patton

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Texas in Springtime

Yesterday Michael and I got to experience one of the most beautiful parts of Texas - 
the bluebonnets.
I saw a few of them on my way to Belton a couple weeks ago,
but nothing like we saw yesterday.
People have told me stories about the fields full of bluebonnets, but I just couldn't picture it.
Well today, we saw it, and it was just beautiful!
There really is nothing like driving over a hill, and seeing an entire field covered in blue.
And these are just a small portion.
Of course, we weren't the only ones to find this magnificent collection...
I mean it was right off Highway 290.
We had to park quite a ways down on the side of the highway,
and then trek our way to the field, 
and as per usual, I was not wearing the best shoes.
We made it to the field and had the best time doing our own little photo shoot with the flowers.
We gave 'selfies' our best shot, but finally caved and asked someone to take our picture.
Cutest little windmills at the store next to the bluebonnet field
Some of the others in the field with us
After our time in the field, we drove on to Brenham,
where we had lunch at a little cafe called Must Be Heaven.
We ate here this past summer with the youth group, and I've been thinking about the French Dip ever since.
We both even got some pie.
It was SO delicious!
I believe my exact words to Michael were,
"I don't care how sick I get, this food is too good to not eat every bite!"
I couldn't eat it all though, and ended up giving him some of my sandwich.
I did almost get sick though.
Totally worth it!
The cafe is in downtown Brenham, which is absolutely adorable, so we walked around a bit, took some pictures, and even went to a little antique shop.
It was the perfect Spring day, and I was so happy I got to spend it all with my guy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's 5 Photos

Remember the pollen problem I told you about last week?
I was serious.
These were Buster's paws after about 10 minutes outside.

Anyone else take dressing room pics?
Just me?
Usually I reserve this for Target, and then I text them to Michael who is in Electronics to see what he thinks about it.
I've recently started taking pics at other stores too, and it really helps me to think through the purchase.
In this case, I said no to the dress (bad fit, cute stripes though) and big time YES to the blazer.
I just love Kohl's.

Thanks for the support Lindsay.
That is all.

Last weekend we were invited to dinner by a family from church,
and we FINALLY got to meet their pet chicken!
That's right, I said pet.
Her name is Clucky, and she is 9 years old.
It was pretty awesome.

Isn't this cake adorable?!
One of my friends at church has her own at-home bakery,
and this week she did a Tiny Cake fundraiser for some of the teens that are going on Wilderness Trek this summer.
This is the cake I bought for my internship site (and future workplace!! Eeeekk!!) Shield Bearer.
Fighting for Hearts is our motto, and my coworkers LOVED it!
Plus, the cake was completely delicious!

*Hope you enjoyed the blog's newest addition - Friday's Five Photos.
It may not happen every Friday,
but I hope it will help me to take and post more pictures!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Easter Edition

Just a few of my favorites to get you in the Easter spirit.
Top: One of my very first Easter egg hunts with my Grandma.
I love the entire picture: 
My Grandma's classy ensemble, her surprised face, my happiness at finding an egg, and of course, 
that beautiful aqua-colored car!
Bottom: Me and Ben's last Easter (and picture even) as just me and Ben.
Bailey was born the very next day!
I love the creepy (and dirty-looking) bunny, and the eyeballs on my brother's shoes.

Happy Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Ready

Michael and I are so excited for my family to come visit us in May.
They have come to visit before, but never all of them at one time,
so we have been working hard to make sure they all have somewhere to sleep.
We have been talking about getting a futon for our game room for a while now,
and last week we finally purchased one.
I looked on several websites, and found this one at Walmart.
They had a HUGE selection, for the best prices,
and I am so happy with the one that we chose to buy.
 It is really thick and comfortable,
and it has not 2 but 3 different positions.
It is nice.
Our game room is finally coming together (furniture-wise)!
Here is a view of the whole room.
It definitely needs a painting, and some new decor,
but other than that it is just how I want it.
And, we have just enough room for all my family!
I'm counting down the days until my graduation and the weekend with them!

*Those pillows actually came with our couches when we bought them.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate the color black, so I put them in a closet.
Good thing I have the tendencies of a hoarder, because now, 2 years later, they look great on that futon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cody + Ashley

Last weekend I made the drive over to good ole Belton, TX for my cousin's wedding.
I was so happy because I was meeting my whole family there (minus Oliver)
but so sad because Michael didn't get to go with me.
Cody, the groom, is my cousin and he married one of my good friends from college, Ashley.
It was SUCH a pretty wedding, with so many neat little touches.
For instance, the goodies bags that were waiting for us at our hotel.
And aren't these just the cutest little candies that came in the bags?
I love how disproportionate Texas is to Oklahoma.
It was an outdoor wedding, at the most beautiful venue, on the most perfect day.
The ceremony itself was absolutely perfect as well.
It all started with Ashley's adorable Grandma singing a solo, which she has done for all of her grandkids.
The minister was another one of my cousins, Corey.
He is Cody's brother, and a youth minister in Edmond, and he did FANTASTIC.
I was seriously blown away by his speaking abilities.
The service was very touching, meaningful, and full of love for both Cody and Ashley.
Another highlight for me was the fact that several of Ashley's bridesmaids are some of my best friends.
It was so great to see them and be able to spend some time with them.
Even if they forced me to dance at the reception. 
It's just not my favorite.
Isn't she GORGEOUS!! So Beautiful!
One last picture of the wedding because the reception was just beautiful.
When my Grandma told me the colors were teal, bronze and hot pink...I could not picture it.
But those colors really worked well together! 
I loved it!
I'm so happy that I could be there for Cody and Ashley on their special day,
and that I got to catch up with my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.
It was a great weekend with all the Bairds, and we were so thrilled to officially make Ashley one of us!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Allergies Are Real

I think I had pretty bad allergies when I was a kid.
I don't remember ever having an allergy attack, but I definitely remember going to get LOTS of shots in Oklahoma City, which was always followed with a trip to Toys-R-Us.
The shots stopped before I was 10 years old, 
and since then I have had no trouble with allergies.
Until now.
The past few days I have been sneezing like crazy.
I wake up and cannot breath.
Its awful.
I have always secretly laughed at those people who say "Oh, its my allergies again"
I'm now that person.
I saw this picture on Facebook today and thought it was perfect for how I've been feeling this week.
Yep. Welcome to Southeast Texas in the Spring.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patricks (Birth) Day

Does anyone else have a weird hatred of St. Patrick's Day?
My problem with it is that I don't like being forced to wear a specific color...
I mean, maybe if it was a regular day, like a Tuesday, it would be fine.
But a Sunday was rough.
I had to have church clothes with green in them
(though it was cute to see all the little old ladies in their shamrocks)
and then I had to have a whole other outfit with green in it too.
Too far St. Patty, too far!

I can never really hate the holiday though because it is also Michael's birthday.
He spent the whole day doing what he does best - serving others.
He preached the sermon at morning worship
(which can be heard here)
He went to evening church early to meet with a youth kid
(who didn't show up)
and he drove the kids to a youth devotional after evening service.
He really is the biggest servant I know.
I am so lucky to get to spend my forever with him.
Celebrations for both of us at the devotional
Since I was gone most of Sunday, and Michael was pretty busy, we celebrated his birthday on Friday.
Of course, we went to PF Changs, his favorite.
Then he opened his present, and we had some green punch.
Michael cannot have a birthday without green punch.
It is kind of a big deal around here.
Mine is still not as good as his mom's, but he drinks it with a smile anyway.
Michael also got a Craigslist treadmill for his birthday, but I don't have a picture of it.
It was a great weekend, with lots of celebrating from us.

I love you, and am so blessed to have you!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


That is the sweetest 4 letter word I have ever read!
That's right folks, I passed my MFT Exam!!
My letter FINALLY came in the mail on Friday.
Late Friday I might add. 
We were celebrating Michael's birthday that day, but I was a little preoccupied.
We went to a matinee movie...
and there was no mail when we got home.
So we went on a walk, and I saw the mail car driving around the neighborhood...
but there was no mail when we got home.
I watched a tv show and ate lunch...
there was no mail.
Finally, around 5:30pm Michael says, "Good news Brittany, the mail came!"
I made him run out immediately to check the mailbox, and as he was walking up the sidewalk he said, "It's here!"
My heart literally stopped.
I'm pretty sure it didn't start again until I tore it open and saw those sweet four letters.
I did it! I passed!
I'm going to be a real therapist!
Michael and I both jumped around screaming for a little while, 
and then I started crying. Duh.
 I cried even more when I called my parents and got to tell my entire family the news while on speaker phone.
I have never been so emotional about one little piece of paper.
I mean, those 2.5 days of waiting were really rough on me,
but it was all worth it in the end.
Now all that stands between me and my future is a pesky little graduation ceremony.

*Note: I do not regret a single one of those exclamation points.
Usually I go through and edit them all out of my posts, 
but I feel like if any posts deserves to have them, its this one!
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