Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter by Target

I just love Easter Sunday!
It means Spring is here.
For at least one day my entire Facebook news feed is full of posts about Jesus.
Everyone is wearing bright colors and pastels.
Its a beautiful, wonderful day.

And today seemed to be brought to us by 2 places:
Target and Kohl's.
Everyone I talked to was wearing something from one of these 2 stores.
I even did an impromptu add for Target with some of the youth kids.
 I'm such a skilled model I can even make it look like I don't have fingers.
But alas, I have all five.
The Kohl's/Target trend was even true for me and Michael.
His is Kohl's. Mine is Target.
Unfortunately, this hipster pic is the only one I have of us from today.

I hope your Easter was blessed, and that you took time to focus on the real reason for the day.
Our Savior, Christ Jesus!
He is Risen!

Dress: Target
Cardigan : H&M
Purse: Target

Check out the Easter link-up at Grace's blog, and join the dress party!
Camp Patton


  1. Ha. The finger pic made me laugh!

    Loooooove your outfit. So vibrant and fun!

  2. I'm with Grace. Vibrant and happy. Those are awesome colors. Happy, Happy Easter to you and your beloved.

  3. Thank you Grace and Mary for your sweet comments! I am loving all the bright colors this spring!

  4. Target has such great clothes - that dress is gorgeous! Fantastic outfit!

    1. Thank you Erica! And thanks so much for reading!


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