Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Ready

Michael and I are so excited for my family to come visit us in May.
They have come to visit before, but never all of them at one time,
so we have been working hard to make sure they all have somewhere to sleep.
We have been talking about getting a futon for our game room for a while now,
and last week we finally purchased one.
I looked on several websites, and found this one at Walmart.
They had a HUGE selection, for the best prices,
and I am so happy with the one that we chose to buy.
 It is really thick and comfortable,
and it has not 2 but 3 different positions.
It is nice.
Our game room is finally coming together (furniture-wise)!
Here is a view of the whole room.
It definitely needs a painting, and some new decor,
but other than that it is just how I want it.
And, we have just enough room for all my family!
I'm counting down the days until my graduation and the weekend with them!

*Those pillows actually came with our couches when we bought them.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate the color black, so I put them in a closet.
Good thing I have the tendencies of a hoarder, because now, 2 years later, they look great on that futon!

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