Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's 5 Photos

Remember the pollen problem I told you about last week?
I was serious.
These were Buster's paws after about 10 minutes outside.

Anyone else take dressing room pics?
Just me?
Usually I reserve this for Target, and then I text them to Michael who is in Electronics to see what he thinks about it.
I've recently started taking pics at other stores too, and it really helps me to think through the purchase.
In this case, I said no to the dress (bad fit, cute stripes though) and big time YES to the blazer.
I just love Kohl's.

Thanks for the support Lindsay.
That is all.

Last weekend we were invited to dinner by a family from church,
and we FINALLY got to meet their pet chicken!
That's right, I said pet.
Her name is Clucky, and she is 9 years old.
It was pretty awesome.

Isn't this cake adorable?!
One of my friends at church has her own at-home bakery,
and this week she did a Tiny Cake fundraiser for some of the teens that are going on Wilderness Trek this summer.
This is the cake I bought for my internship site (and future workplace!! Eeeekk!!) Shield Bearer.
Fighting for Hearts is our motto, and my coworkers LOVED it!
Plus, the cake was completely delicious!

*Hope you enjoyed the blog's newest addition - Friday's Five Photos.
It may not happen every Friday,
but I hope it will help me to take and post more pictures!

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