Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ready to Rodeo

Earlier this week Michael told me that he had a special day planned for Friday.
Well, he kinda spilled the beans a little early, 
and told me that we were going to Cavender's for me to pick out boots for an early graduation present!
He had even talked to a youth kid about the good brand to buy.
I was so excited!
We went Friday afternoon, and let me tell you - it was a disaster.
1) The store was CRAZY.
It was so packed full of people, you couldn't even move.
2) No one was helping us.
I mean, I now know how Julia Roberts felt in Pretty Woman.
"They were mean to me."
"No one would help me."
It was awful.
3) Since I obviously know nothing about boots, I had to leave.
We went to a different Cavender's today though, and I was successful!
 The store was still completely packed, 
but the women's boots were not.
And they had a MUCH bigger selection of the brand I wanted.
There was even a worker that helped me find the right size.
So here they are, my very own cowgirl boots!
 Now I'm all ready for the rodeo and Tim McGraw on Friday!!

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