Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Bells

Michael and I took a quick trip to Dallas on Saturday for a wedding.
It seems like our refrigerator has been full of wedding invites lately, 
and as soon as we take one down, another one comes in the mail.
It's such a happy time for many close friends and family in our lives. 
This wedding was extra special for a few reasons,
1) It was the wedding of my best friend's brother!
Aren't they the sweetest??
and 2) It was the first wedding I've been to of a youth kid I interned for.
So, I'm feeling a little old...
I lived with Scott and Claire the very first summer that I did a youth ministry internship.
Scott was our video guy, so we spent lots of time in the office together.
I don't know Abigail real well, but she is so sweet, and they are just perfect together!
It was a beautiful wedding, complete with several adorable DIYs by Abigail.
The happy couple
It was so much fun to see so many of our closest friends, 
and people that we considered family while we were at Memorial (and still do, really)
And of course we got to hang out with our twins.
 My biggest dilema was my outfit.
I had a real cute spring-y outfit all ready to go, and then I looked at my weather app.
It said it was going to be super cold in Dallas.
So I was forced to wear tights...which meant a different outfit.
Then I got there, and I was burning up. The entire time.
And there were exactly 2 people there wearing tights.
I was not happy.
Please tell me this happens to other people as well, and its not just me that's crazy.

Our 2nd dance together!!
Love these girls! Notice the sore thumb...
The perfect date
It was a very quick trip since we had to be back for church on Sunday,
but it was a beautiful wedding and well worth the drive!

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