Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week in Review

This week has been a roller coaster.
To say the least.
On Monday, if I even thought about my test I wanted to (slash most times did) start crying.
It was scary.
That night I purchased some practice exams, and I felt a little better.
I took off of work the rest of the week so that I could focus on studying.
I had kept myself on a strict schedule:
Morning - study flash cards and sheets of each model.
Afternoon - take a 200 question practice exam.
Evening - Study the ones I missed on the practice exam.
Night - Take a 100 question practice exam.
Before bed - Read articles about the models.
*Of course, I left some time in there to watch the Bachelor too!
These were my friends for the week. 
Those are all the models of Family Therapy.
They equal about half of the sheets I had to study.
They took forever to make, but I really think they helped on the actual exam.
By Thursday, this helped to give me some confidence:
If they thought I was ready to take the exam, surely I was.
But then I got to the test.
And it was really hard.
And I said "What the heck is it talking about?" on almost every question.
Once I had actually answered them all, and was going back through checking them, I felt a little better.
In the end, I will be surprised if I pass.
But I will be more surprised if I fail.
So that's a good sign...right??

The highlight of my week was getting these beautiful flowers from my family.
Oh course, I was too scared to open the door when the florist came,
(I never answer the door when I'm home alone)
so I didn't get them until late on Tuesday,
they are so happy and comforting just the same. 
This verse was also a great comfort to me during the week:
These words, as well as many words from family friends gave me so much encouragement.
On Tuesday, Michael posted a status about me studying for my test, and I immediately felt the peace from so many peoples' prayers going up on my behalf.
Not only did people pray though, but I got so many texts, emails, facebook posts and messages, tweets, and calls of support and encouragement that I was on cloud nine.
I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life that are there for me,
whether I pass or I fail.
God is so good, and it is all in His hands now.

And I leave you with this.
Stylish, classy Buster.
It was fun being a stay-at-home Mom to him this week!

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