Friday, February 21, 2014

Selfie City

I've been debating this post for awhile now.
I started this blog almost 3 years ago, kind of on a whim, and amazingly enough I'm still posting.
I am not quite sure why.
Maybe because the 4 of you that read it get on to me when I don't, 
or maybe because I just feel better when memories are documented.
Anyways, the reason I started the blog was my love for fashion blogs.
I basically just wanted a "Blogs I Read" list down the side so that I could keep up with all the fashion blogs that I was reading.
I've kept reading those blogs all this time, and they have inspired me, and challenged me.
They simultaneously make we want to go out and buy all the fancy clothes, 
and never shop again, but remix what I already have in my closet.
Well, here goes nothing.
^^Bottom Middle: My least favorite outfit
^^Bottom Right: My most favorite outfit
 ^^Top Right: Everybody needs a casual weekend outfit.
^^Bottom Photos: I was loving the cold Houston weather!
^^Top Middle: That coffee mug is real, not posed.
^^Bottom Middle: Michael's favorite outfit.
^^I was kind of loving my leopard scarf this week.

Obviously, I am not a fashion blogger.
For one thing, I only use my phone to take photos.
I didn't take these photos to be a fashion blogger though.
I really don't know why I took them, but they have helped me to put more thought into my outfits, use a better variety of clothes in my outfits, 
and they've kept me from wearing the same outfit with the same clients.
So there you have it.
The first outfit post (or outfits as the case may be) by me.
It might also be the last.
Only time will tell.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

9th Valentine's Day

Last Friday was my 9th Valentine's Day with Michael.
I can't believe that we have been valentines for almost a decade.
Where does the time go?
In that time, we have gone back and forth between being really into the holiday, and not giving it much thought (or money) into the holiday.
This year was one of those low key years.
Michael and I had talked and decided not to spend money on each other this year,
and we ended up having the same idea:
DIY Valentine Cards
^^ Michael's poster/card
 ^^ Front of my card to Michael
^^ Back of my card.
Of course, I wrote inside the heart before I gave it to him,
but you guys don't want to read that mushy stuff.

Friday was kind of a crazy day for both of us.
I spent the morning packing, and then a few hours at work.
Michael was taking Buster to Petsmart for the weekend.
Buster just loves the Pet Hotel, and playing with all the other puppies.
We met up again in time to get to the church, pack of the bus, and head to Dallas for the T3 Conference with the youth group.
Our Valentines Date ended up being a 20 minute stop at Texas Burger...
with all the kids that we brought with us.
 Some wives might have been upset about this.
And lets be honest, I have been upset about this kind of thing in the past,
but this year, there really was no where else I'd rather be.
It didn't matter to me that it wasn't a candlelight dinner, or a romantic restaurant, or that Michael's attention wasn't focused on me.
We were doing what he loves, and I love that!
So I guess that's what happens when you've been together for almost a decade,
but it was one of the best Valentine's Days we have had!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweetheart Banquet

You know you've had a blog a long time when you've written about the same event over, and over.
This event is one of those posts.
We started it our first Valentine's Day at JV.
It was an event just like this year - a sweetheart banquet for the VIPs (over 60s).
You can see the decorations and post about that one here.
Last year we changed it up a bit and did an Appreciation Lunch.
Since I am crazy addicted to conversation hearts, I used that as our theme.
Just click here to see that post.
This year, it was back to the Sweatheart Banquet.
I didn't want to do it the same as two years ago,
1) because I'm an over-achiever
and 2) because that would just be too easy.
I changed up a few of the decorations, and thanks to the youth girls,
it looked great!
I also had the idea to add a photo booth.
We made one for our youth Christmas party last year, and it was a huge hit.
And the VIPs loved it just as much!
It was so fun to see them dressing up, and taking pictures.
They even took some with the youth group.
It was so sweet!
 ^^ All the photo booth props
^^ My great friend and partner in parties!!
So thankful for this lady and her enthusiasm for all my ideas!
^^ Of course, Michael and I had some fun in the photo booth too.
The VIPs had a wonderful time, and we had tons of food leftover,
which I was happy to take home. 
It was an exhausting weekend, but so rewarding to see the elderly people in our church having fun with our youth group.
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