Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweetheart Banquet

You know you've had a blog a long time when you've written about the same event over, and over.
This event is one of those posts.
We started it our first Valentine's Day at JV.
It was an event just like this year - a sweetheart banquet for the VIPs (over 60s).
You can see the decorations and post about that one here.
Last year we changed it up a bit and did an Appreciation Lunch.
Since I am crazy addicted to conversation hearts, I used that as our theme.
Just click here to see that post.
This year, it was back to the Sweatheart Banquet.
I didn't want to do it the same as two years ago,
1) because I'm an over-achiever
and 2) because that would just be too easy.
I changed up a few of the decorations, and thanks to the youth girls,
it looked great!
I also had the idea to add a photo booth.
We made one for our youth Christmas party last year, and it was a huge hit.
And the VIPs loved it just as much!
It was so fun to see them dressing up, and taking pictures.
They even took some with the youth group.
It was so sweet!
 ^^ All the photo booth props
^^ My great friend and partner in parties!!
So thankful for this lady and her enthusiasm for all my ideas!
^^ Of course, Michael and I had some fun in the photo booth too.
The VIPs had a wonderful time, and we had tons of food leftover,
which I was happy to take home. 
It was an exhausting weekend, but so rewarding to see the elderly people in our church having fun with our youth group.

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