Saturday, March 30, 2013

Texas in Springtime

Yesterday Michael and I got to experience one of the most beautiful parts of Texas - 
the bluebonnets.
I saw a few of them on my way to Belton a couple weeks ago,
but nothing like we saw yesterday.
People have told me stories about the fields full of bluebonnets, but I just couldn't picture it.
Well today, we saw it, and it was just beautiful!
There really is nothing like driving over a hill, and seeing an entire field covered in blue.
And these are just a small portion.
Of course, we weren't the only ones to find this magnificent collection...
I mean it was right off Highway 290.
We had to park quite a ways down on the side of the highway,
and then trek our way to the field, 
and as per usual, I was not wearing the best shoes.
We made it to the field and had the best time doing our own little photo shoot with the flowers.
We gave 'selfies' our best shot, but finally caved and asked someone to take our picture.
Cutest little windmills at the store next to the bluebonnet field
Some of the others in the field with us
After our time in the field, we drove on to Brenham,
where we had lunch at a little cafe called Must Be Heaven.
We ate here this past summer with the youth group, and I've been thinking about the French Dip ever since.
We both even got some pie.
It was SO delicious!
I believe my exact words to Michael were,
"I don't care how sick I get, this food is too good to not eat every bite!"
I couldn't eat it all though, and ended up giving him some of my sandwich.
I did almost get sick though.
Totally worth it!
The cafe is in downtown Brenham, which is absolutely adorable, so we walked around a bit, took some pictures, and even went to a little antique shop.
It was the perfect Spring day, and I was so happy I got to spend it all with my guy!

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