Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cody + Ashley

Last weekend I made the drive over to good ole Belton, TX for my cousin's wedding.
I was so happy because I was meeting my whole family there (minus Oliver)
but so sad because Michael didn't get to go with me.
Cody, the groom, is my cousin and he married one of my good friends from college, Ashley.
It was SUCH a pretty wedding, with so many neat little touches.
For instance, the goodies bags that were waiting for us at our hotel.
And aren't these just the cutest little candies that came in the bags?
I love how disproportionate Texas is to Oklahoma.
It was an outdoor wedding, at the most beautiful venue, on the most perfect day.
The ceremony itself was absolutely perfect as well.
It all started with Ashley's adorable Grandma singing a solo, which she has done for all of her grandkids.
The minister was another one of my cousins, Corey.
He is Cody's brother, and a youth minister in Edmond, and he did FANTASTIC.
I was seriously blown away by his speaking abilities.
The service was very touching, meaningful, and full of love for both Cody and Ashley.
Another highlight for me was the fact that several of Ashley's bridesmaids are some of my best friends.
It was so great to see them and be able to spend some time with them.
Even if they forced me to dance at the reception. 
It's just not my favorite.
Isn't she GORGEOUS!! So Beautiful!
One last picture of the wedding because the reception was just beautiful.
When my Grandma told me the colors were teal, bronze and hot pink...I could not picture it.
But those colors really worked well together! 
I loved it!
I'm so happy that I could be there for Cody and Ashley on their special day,
and that I got to catch up with my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.
It was a great weekend with all the Bairds, and we were so thrilled to officially make Ashley one of us!

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