Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patricks (Birth) Day

Does anyone else have a weird hatred of St. Patrick's Day?
My problem with it is that I don't like being forced to wear a specific color...
I mean, maybe if it was a regular day, like a Tuesday, it would be fine.
But a Sunday was rough.
I had to have church clothes with green in them
(though it was cute to see all the little old ladies in their shamrocks)
and then I had to have a whole other outfit with green in it too.
Too far St. Patty, too far!

I can never really hate the holiday though because it is also Michael's birthday.
He spent the whole day doing what he does best - serving others.
He preached the sermon at morning worship
(which can be heard here)
He went to evening church early to meet with a youth kid
(who didn't show up)
and he drove the kids to a youth devotional after evening service.
He really is the biggest servant I know.
I am so lucky to get to spend my forever with him.
Celebrations for both of us at the devotional
Since I was gone most of Sunday, and Michael was pretty busy, we celebrated his birthday on Friday.
Of course, we went to PF Changs, his favorite.
Then he opened his present, and we had some green punch.
Michael cannot have a birthday without green punch.
It is kind of a big deal around here.
Mine is still not as good as his mom's, but he drinks it with a smile anyway.
Michael also got a Craigslist treadmill for his birthday, but I don't have a picture of it.
It was a great weekend, with lots of celebrating from us.

I love you, and am so blessed to have you!

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  1. You always are so thoughtful. My birthdays are always so special because of your selfless service to me. I love you! I'm humbled to have you as my wife and partner for life!


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