Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Did I really not post about my sister's wedding??
You could count this post, and I did say I would post more later with the real pictures, I guess.
I think that at this time I was lost in the black hole that was the MFT exam,
and when I came out, I could barely remember my own name.
So here it is now, a post about Bailey and Jon's wedding!

We started Sunday off perfectly by having a small family devotional at the wedding venue.
My cousin led us in some songs, we had communion, and then my Uncle gave a wonderful sermon.
It was a really special time with my family, and the best way to start wedding day.
After the devo, we got right to work on decorations.
Those took about 30 minutes, which left us the rest of the morning to just hang out and relax.
We had lunch at the venue, and then it was time to start getting ready.
One of my good friends was so sweet and did all the girls' hair!
And she rocked it!!
Seriously, we all looked awesome!
I love this picture of the girls watching her finish Bailey's hair.
And here is a shot of Bailey right after she was finished with make up. 
She looks amazing!!
Just breathtaking.
Bailey got all of the bridesmaids robes with our initials on them as a Thank You gift,
so we had to show them off in some pictures.
 Then it was time to get in our dresses.
Bailey had the super cute idea of adding sashes to our dresses...brilliant!
Unfortunately, I was the ONLY one that could tie them.
Which was fine, until everyone was all ready, looking cute and sash-y, taking pictures,
and I was still holding my sash in my hand.
Luckily, the good ole groom knows how to tie a perfect bow and Jon fixed it up for me!
 I really love this picture from the boys dressing room of Jon getting ready.
Once we were all dressed and ready, it was time for the couple's first look.
Can you say "Happiness"??
This picture is just too cute.
 After the bride and groom spent some time together, it was group picture time.
The biggest struggle was getting our two little ones to participate.
Sometimes they did.
Sometimes they didn't.
But no matter what they did, they sure looked adorable doing it.
Once the guests started arriving, the girls went back to the bridal suite to relax.
Or, if you are Bailey, you used this time to panic.
Sister does not like attention.
She HATES being in front of people.
Since this was her wedding day, there was obviously going to be an abundance of both.
So she panicked a bit, and possibly shed some tears.
So we all said a little prayer for her, Jon, and their marriage to encourage her.
While on this topic, I must say that I was honored to be the one to do this.
I know I was the Matron-of-Honor and everything, 
but it meant so much to me to be the one to go before God on behalf of Bailey and Jon on this very special day.
So then I shed some tears...
and Bailey still wasn't calm, and we were all trying to cheer her up to no avail.
In the meantime, I decide I should go shut the curtain that covers her as she walks to the stairs to make her entrance.
When I went out there I heard some music that sounded a lot like her wedding video I made.
Turns out they had started the wedding and forgot to tell us!
I run back into the room (after closing the curtain, of course) and yell "The wedding started!!"
Chaos insued.
I grab Bailey's train and run her out the door to the stairs where my Dad is waiting.
Run back to get my bouquet.
When I get to the door, the other bridesmaids hand me Bailey's bouquet, which she had forgotten.
I run that back to the stairs where the groomsmen are standing and say,
"Can someone who's not in heels run this down to her??"
The rest of us girls made it to the back of the room with plenty of time,
and I spent that entire time pep-talking my nephew Oliver, and coaching him on how to walk down the aisle. 
 Turns out he is quite the little pro.
Him and the flower girl all but stole the show from the rest of the bridal party - they were so cute!
And then I shed some more tears when I saw this.
Absolutely gorgeous!
I should not have looked, but I did look, and was flooded with emotions.
She was stunning.
And not nervous-looking at all!
A very special aspect of the ceremony was the fact that it was Michael's first to offiate.
He was pretty nervous about it, but he did an amazing job!
The entire ceremony was so beautiful!
First kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!
We took a few family pictures after the ceremony, so of course I have to share those.
Then, it was time to party!
There was lots of dancing, mostly by Bailey, Jon and their friends.
Bailey even forced convinced me and Michael to get out on the dance floor.
By the way, this was our first dance together. Ever.
Last but not least, a wedding is not complete without the little details,
so here are some of the things that tied it all together perfectly.
- The Guest Book Board that Jon made and painted himself.
By the end of the night, it was completely full and looked GREAT!
- The beautiful and delicious cakes.
- And the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen.
It really was the perfect day, and the perfect wedding.
I still have a hard time believing that my little sister is a married lady.
It seems like just yesterday she was the little girl with a bowl cut sleeping on the bottom bunk, 
or "the down part" as she fondly called it.
I am so happy that she has found the perfect partner to spend her life with.
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving sister, and even more blessed to have such an amazing new brother!
I love you so much Sister!!
Wishing you and Jon many years of happiness and love! 
(and babies ;)


  1. What a beautiful day with the best family I could have married into. Congrats Jon and Bailey! EXCELLENT JOB with recapping the wedding Britt!

  2. I have to agree with Jon--best blog ever. It was such a special day for our family. Thanks for capturing it so perfectly, Brittany.


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