Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Power of YouTube

Every couple needs a good cruise YouTube every once in awhile.
It all started for us with a simple statement from Michael about Akon being in the song, It Wan't Me.
Well, if Akon were here he would say "It wasn't me" because he was not in that song.
However, the statement led to a little dance party when I played Right Now, by Akon.
(You should know, I love this song!)
Was it a little after midnight? Yes.
Was I already in bed? Yes.
Did that stop us? NO!
From there I went to YouTube to show Michael the really annoying diamond song by Rhianna,
but I never made it there because I got sidetracked by the Popular page.
Some of these are pretty awesome, so I thought I would share.

First, there is the juggling-Rubix-cube-solving guy, first posted on Fabebook for my watching by our friend Trey.
(Please excuse the language)

Next, there was this video of the most gigantic rope swing ever.
I was scared just watching.
You may also want to watch this video of the same rope swing.
Just to get a better idea of what it actually is.
Somehow from there it went to the Les Mis performance from the Oscars,
which led to this video of the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence.
You should go ahead and watch more videos of her from the Oscars,
because they are all completely hilarious!

Then there is this gem that has been floating around the fashion blogs.
Too funny! And sad at the same time!
Lastly, I had to see what this screaming goat business was all about.
Its just as weird and scary as I thought.
But this is getting funnier with each view.
There you have it.
Hope you have enjoyed this little look into our lives.
We are so interesting, I know!


  1. Geeeeeeeez...that rope swing video made my palms sweat!!

  2. I know!! It gave me so much anxiety!!


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