Monday, April 1, 2013

Egg-celent Easter

As per usual, Michael and I spent most of Easter weekend at LTC.
Luckily, our church stays in town for the Houston LTC Conference,
so we were at home on Saturday night and had time for one of my favorite traditions - dying eggs.
Since Pinterest was blowing up with ways to cook the eggs,
I decided to try to new to me "bake them in the oven" method.
I have to give the Pinterest people credit, they weren't lying that the egg would taste the same.
They did leave out a few MAJOR minor details:
 1) The eggs can burn
I don't even know how it happened really.
The inside of the eggs weren't burnt, just the shell.
2) It will make your house REEK!
I mean, the boiling method produce a fine odor,
but it is nothing compared to this!
We had to turn on fans, open the windows, and light candles.
It was bad.
 Here are our finished eggs!
Above is my attempt at ombre, and the far right in the top picture is Michael's attempt at mixing every color of dye. 
That's about as creative as we got.
I had already let Pinterest get the best of me once, 
I wasn't going to start trying to tie-dye eggs or anything crazy like that,
because, well I think Sweet Brown says it best,
"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

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  1. We colored eggs too--well, Jonathan, Oliver and I did. Bailey, Ben & Dad are the Easter equivalent of Scrooge. Unfortunately, we do not have any documented proof (pictures), so it will just be a memory. Only 6 weeks until we get to visit you and Michael!


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