Saturday, April 13, 2013

Aggie Ring Day

Since my first summer in Houston, 6 years ago, I have been hearing about the Texas A&M traditions, 
and yesterday I got to experience my first one - 
Aggie Ring Day.
It is a big deal around Aggieland, and these rings are prized possessions.
You must complete 90 hours of credits to get your ring, and yesterday was the big day for Claire!
They have 3 ring days a year: April, September and November.
I was told that yesterday's had the most people than any previous Ring Day.
It was CRAZY!
Here's how it goes. 
Earlier this year Claire picked out her ring, paid for it, and signed up for a time slot.
At that time she goes into a big building to the S section (her last name)
From there she goes into a smaller room, to the part of the table specifically marked for the group that includes her name.
She has to show her ticket and ID, sign her name, and then she will get her ring.
Claire chose to get her ring from her brother, Scott.
We had to clear out of that room pretty quickly so that the other people could get their ring.
From there we went outside to take pictures with all the family that came down for the day.
It was extra special because Claire's boyfriend, Trey also got his ring, along with some of their good friends from AFC.
That's just the beginning of the day.
Once we finished with pictures, and ate some dinner, we went to the big Ring Dunk Party.
Claire and Trey had their party with two friends, Andy and Erin.
There was lots of family, and LOTS of friends at Andy and Trey's house for the party,
and at 8:14pm (20:14 military time, for the class of 2014) they dunked.
What does it mean to dunk?
It means they have a pitcher of drink, and they drop their ring in.
Then they drink.
And drink.
Possibly spill some.
And drink some more until their ring makes it to their mouth.
They all dunked so well, and not a single one of them puked - which was awesome.
So there you have it.
They are official Aggies now, rings and all!
I am SO proud of Claire, and can't believe that she is already old enough to be wearing that ring.
Thanks so much for including me in your special day, Claire!!
Congrats on your AGGIE RING!!

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