Monday, February 20, 2012

Being Productive

This weekend I was able to be so productive!
I mean, I am pretty productive every weekend because I have to be, 
but this weekend it was because I was able to be.
Michael left Friday afternoon to go to the T3 Conference with the youth in Dallas.
It was so nice that he had 3 other adults going with him, 
which meant that I would be able to stay home and get some homework done - something I hadn't done on the weekends since the start of school due to the busy youth schedule.
On Friday, I went over to a friend's house to exercise.
And I got a private concert from her little 4 year old boy.
The photo topic for Friday was time, so I called this "concert time".
 He has the entire Josh Groban concert DVD memorized.
It was incredible!
I did homework and watched documentaries that afternoon.
Friday night I got to catch up with Claire.
We spent lots of time talking about Europe, and traveling, and packing, and I helped her set up the blog she is going to be using while she is in Italy.
You can follow her travels here.
Saturday I bought a shower gift for a good friend, finished so many readings for class, and caught up on some movies that I hadn't seen yet.
I also had time to cook a delicious dinner for myself.
And the photo topic for Saturday was drink
so I had my new favorite drink with my dinner.
Sunday, like always, I spent most of the day at church.
In the afternoon I went to my good friend Meagan's wedding shower.
She is getting married in 2 weeks!
The photo topic was something you hate to do,
and I absolutely hate saying goodbye to good friends
Michael got home yesterday afternoon, and it was so great to just spend time with him and not have to be thinking about homework, because it was already done!
Happy Monday!

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