Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buttons, Suns, and Photo Apps

The topic for yesterdays photo-a-day was button
so I chose to take a picture of one of the most important buttons in my life.
Those of you that have one, you know what I'm talking about.
Its my Keurig machine.
Michael got it for his birthday last year, and it has more than paid for itself.
Making coffee is super easy.
There is literally no clean up (other than throwing the k-cup away)
And we can both choose whatever flavor we want.
Its incredible.
Today's topic was the sun.
I was hoping to be a little more creative, 
but getting a good shot of the sun is a little difficult.

In other news:
I bought my very first iPhone app.
I have TONS of free ones on my phone, but I've never paid for one.
I have been wanting to turn my photos into collages, and finally found a good app for it.
Its called PicFrame.
 You can pick how many photos you want.
The layout of the photos.
You can adjust the size of the photos.
You can change the color of the borders.
I'm a little obsessed with it right now.


  1. Dont ask why, but when I first saw that coffee button, I wondered if you had a hi tech car with a coffee maker in it....because it looks like a button you would have in your car. Obviously I was jealous, well and still jealous...but thought you would enjoy that :)

  2. See, things like that make me want an iPhone.. Also, Scramble with Friends. I've become addicted and I don't even have an iPhone! Haha

  3. Hahaha Kitty! That would be awesome if my car had a coffee button! Or even a hot chocolate button like the sleigh in The Santa Clause!
    Sister, I love my iPhone!


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