Monday, February 27, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Well, not many of you commented on whether or not I should do the March photo-a-day,
but those who did said to go for it, 
so I accept the challenge.
Here is the list of topics, just in case anyone else wants to jump in on it.
This one will be a little more challenging, because we are going to be traveling a lot in March.
As for some more February photos:
Friday's topic was inside your bathroom cabinet
Well, I don't use the bathroom cabinet, so here is my vanity.
Saturday was green
Michael just happened to be wearing the perfect green shirt,
and I made him hold green sour patch kids...cause we love them!
And Sunday's topic was night
After an incredible youth led service at church, and dinner, I spent the evening catching up on all the winners from Oscar night.

It was so nice to be able to spend some time with Michael during the weekend.
Next weekend we will be extremely busy at Spring Sing with the youth group!
I'm so excited to go and see friends and family that I have been missing!

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