Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Whole New Home - Well Living Room

Summer is here.
I know this because:
1) Michael has already been gone 3 days leaving me and Buster to take care of the house.
2) I'm living the adult live, working, and not going on said youth trips.
and 3) I have nothing to blog about due to the adult life.
  Hopefully things will get a little more exciting around here.

We are off to a good start for this weekend though, 
I posted way back here about picking out the laminate,
and now we finally get to have it in our home.
We had to wait on closing, and then we had to wait 2 weeks for the guys to 
install it, and then it took them 2 days instead of one.
Here was our first view when we got back home to the new floor.
We are in love.
I guess for you to get the magnitude of change you should see the before.
Weird, gray-blue carpet that is super old, and full of stains from years of wear, 
a different furniture arrangement, and a huge glass of Dr. Pepper.
And now that view looks like this.
Its a completely different room.
And it is amazing how much bigger the room seems now.
Here is a another before and after view.
 *I also might have used my good camera for the new floor photos, and not the carpet.
I guess I'm biased.
There are still some adjustments to make to the room
(like the itty bitty rug)
but we are so happy with how the floors turned out! 
Its the perfect way to begin our home ownership!


  1. That looks wonderful! I'm excited to see all the changes you make!!

  2. It looks beautiful and DOES make the room look so much bigger. Welcome to adulthood! Love, Mom


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