Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Impact-ing Lives

Its that week of summer again.
Our week to spend at Impact Church of Christ.
I absolutely love this week of our summer calendar!
I love the Impact kids.
I love seeing our kids loving on the Impact kids.
 I love seeing our kids' eyes open to a different world, and seeing them
embrace that world as Jesus would. 
It is just a special week. 
Tuesday was the only day I got to go to Impact since I'm working now
My one day completely exhausted me, but it was worth it.
Look at those sweet kids.
 Michael led singing during VBS
And our youth kids spent LOTS of time with their little buddies.
Tuesday was also field trip day!
Our group went to the Houston Children's Museum.
It was absolutely crazy to take 150+ kids there on a busy summer day.
And every one of our kids swore to never have children afterwards, 
but it was awesome!
What a blessing to have this incredible mission in our own city.
The Impact Church of Christ is such a blessing!

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