Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend with Mom and Dad

My parents came to visit us this weekend,
and I pretty much only got pictures of us eating.
We did do more than that though.
Friday, while Mom and I got our nails done, the boys went to see the Avengers.
Then we all met up at good ole Chick-fil-a
It was FREEZING inside, so we had to sit on the patio.
It got pretty hot.
We spent the rest of the day shopping, and then went out to dinner to celebrate
buying our first house.
We ate at Spring Creek and this was my meal.
Okra. So Yum.
And I also had some mac and cheese.
On Saturday we went to one of the biggest flea markets in the US
Trader's Village.

Its too bad we didn't think to go there back in November.
It was so hot outside, we did not stay long.
We were there long enough for me to find my twin though:
That's a little embarrassing.
And Sunday was jam packed full of church/youth ministry events.
Its great to spend the entire day with our church family,
but even better when our real family can be there with us.
Here is a sweet picture I got of some of our youth girls at the event on Sunday night.
I love seeing the older girls mentor the younger ones!
Love them so much!

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  1. That picture of your twin reallllly freaked me out for a second because all I saw was you! I was thinking "Oh my goodness, it really IS her twin!" and then I realized it was supposed to be the person behind you and I felt like an idiot.. Haha! So glad you guys had such a good weekend with Mom and Dad! Love you!


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