Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Booster, Booster, Be a Booster

It is VBS this week at JV.
Which means that this is the second week of 3 in a row
that Michael will be putting on/leading a VBS.
(Last week at Impact, this week at JV, and next week at Foster's Children's Home)
Its a good thing its one of his many talents.
Here is a group photo from today:
 About a third of the people in that picture are teenagers.
I'm so proud of all our kids who have the desire to serve, and to lead
these little children every day for a week.
They are such a blessing and never cease to amaze me with their hearts.
I have to say that I have the best job at VBS.
My favorite.
Not to mention that the job is done within the first hour.
And I get to work with this sweet lady.
I have loved our daily conversations.
Ms Patsy is such an incredible woman, and I am trying to learn all I can from her.
Michael has an equally great (but more out-in-front role)
He is Daniel.
A little creepy, but the kids seem to love it.
 Don't worry though, Happy Johns still makes an appearance every now and then.
Its only day 2 of 5, but it has already been a great week!
In other good news:
I get to go on the mission trip next week!!
I know I am supposed to be an adult, and just go to work every day,
but it was killing me to miss all the youth trips this summer. 
So, I talked to both my boss, and my supervisor,
and I am going!! 


  1. Ha! Michael in that wig is hilarious.

    Your hair is soooo long and gorgeous! Are we sure we're related?? I can barely grow my hair past my shoulders!

    Awesome that you get to go on the mission trip! Is that the children's home thing?

  2. Thanks sister!! My hair hardly ever looks good here in Houston with all the humidity. :(
    Yes, we are going to the children's home!! I am so excited!

  3. Yes, you are related! Brittany just got her father's thick hair, and you (unfortunately) got my fine hair. Wish we could choose what attributes our children get from us! Brittany, we need another blog. That's how I keep up with you! I'm sure you took lots of pictures on the mission trip! Love you, MomWow


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