Monday, July 9, 2012

Ronald and the Roberts

I think I'm slowly becoming an adult.
Lately, once 10pm rolls around, I'm ready for bed.
Much like today.
I'm already so tired, but my Mom wants a blog post.
So I will give her a blog post.
This past weekend, Kyle and Sarah Roberts came to stay with us!
They had a wedding to go to in Austin on Friday, 
and then they spent Saturday, and part of Sunday with us.
We had so much fun!
We ate brunch at a really yummy place in Montrose called Brasils.
Then we went downtown for the Astros game.
 While we were walking to the stadium, we found Ronald McDonald!
 We both look extremely excited...
and we pretty much were.
Partly because of Ron, partly because of the free smoothies!
Next we went to the Astros game
We only stayed for 4 innings.
Which was long enough to see the pitcher get ejected, 
and to see a batter throw the bat all the way to first base.
It was crazy!
After the game we went to House of Pies.
Last time Kyle and Sarah came we went twice.
But this time we managed to only go once, and we kept Kyle out of the ER.
Its a win win in my book!
Lastly, we went to Speedy's.
Home of the best arcade games in Houston.
 Michael and Kyle spent the entire time playing this game.
While Sarah and I won tickets!
*Side note: Michael and I played Deal or No Deal with our last 8 tokens.
He took the first deal of 100 tickets.
I didn't want him to.
He pushed the button anyway.
We had 1,000 in our case.
I was so angry!
We could've gotten the DVD of Annie with our tickets.
Instead, we got this.
So lame.
It was a quick trip for Kyle and Sarah, but we had so much fun with them!
Thanks so much for stopping by Houston to visit us!

PS - Mom, I promise to write about Foster's Mission soon.


  1. Thanks, Brittany! I don't care what you right about, I enjoy reading it. Glad you had a fun weekend with your friends.

  2. I am with you mom, it was due time for a blog post! We just love keeping up with your life! Love you!

  3. I just noticed that I used the wrong "Write" in my last comment. Oops! Thanks, Claire!

  4. You guys are too nice! Thanks for caring about my life, and keeping up with my blog! I miss you both tons!

  5. My wife is precious! Love this girl! Sorry about the deal or no deal haha


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