Monday, July 30, 2012

Dr Seuss Baby Shower

Yes, I have been absent from my blog for awhile.
Don't worry, you didn't miss anything interesting.
Michael went to camp -  I was bored and lonely.
Now Michael is finishing up the summer, and I'm just working and finishing an online class.
Most people hate the end of summer, but not me! I love it!
I need stability and a constant schedule. 
But enough of that...

Yesterday I was one of the hostesses for a baby shower at church.
The Mommy-to-be is decorating the nursery in Dr. Seuss, so we used that as our theme too!
Michael helped me cut out these to put on the cupcakes:
He wasn't thrilled, but he did a great job anyway.
Here are a couple of the finished cupcakes
I didn't eat one, but I heard they were delicious!
*Warning: Cotton candy "melts" if left out for longer than 15 minutes
I wasn't in charge of photos at the shower so I didn't take very many,
but here is what I have.
Please disregard the misspelling - Oops!
It was a wonderful shower, and the Mommy-to-be was just glowing!
She (and her husband) felt blessed beyond belief, 
and now we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Blake!


  1. These decorations are adorable! I love the cupcakes! And I can't believe you didn't have one.. You love cotton candy!

    Also, glad to see you blogging again! Haha I was so shocked when I visited your page and there was actually an update!

  2. I know, my online class has been eating me alive, one research paper at a time. My last one is due Friday, and then I will have a life again!
    And I may not have eaten a cupcake, but I ate PLENTY of cotton candy!


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