Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

I'm learning that Texas weather is just as crazy as Oklahoma weather.
Last year, we had zero rain, dead grass, and water rations.
This year This week we have had MORE than enough rain.
It has literally rained (and by rain, I mean downpour) every single day for the past week.
Since we hadn't seen rain the entire time we lived here, 
we had no idea how the area would react to this amount of rain.
I mean, we've seen the houses on stilts at the back of our neighborhood,
but we never could have guessed that they really needed them.
Well, here is the bayou yesterday, after almost an entire day with no rain.
Yep, the waters are rising.
No worries though, our house is a good distance away from the bayou, 
and our street doesn't even have puddles.
We are safe.
I am just amazed at the water levels and wanted to share it.
This picture is of the park at the edge of our neighborhood. 
I didn't use a zoom, so this is the actual distance of the water from the parking lot.
Here is another view. 
That is a lot of water. 
Another street close to us has a huge park with a soccer/activity field.
It is now a lake.
I couldn't get close enough for a photo because the road was closed though.
Luckily, it was warm and sunny most of the afternoon today, 
so hopefully the worst of the weather is behind us. 
Keep us, and our neighbors in your prayers.

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