Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Magnificent Seven

I love the Olympics.
All Olympics. Summer and Winter.
But Summer is my favorite! 
In honor of it being week 1 of the Olympics, I thought I would take a little trip down old Olympics lane.
All the way back to 1996.
I was 9, and it was my FAVORITE Olympics.
Mostly because it is the first I  remember watching, and loving, and cheering like crazy during.
All because of these girls.
The Magnificent Seven.
I don't remember all of their names, but I know my favorites.
And they are conveniently all standing next to each other.
Starting with the shortest:
Dominique Moceanu.
She was 14 years old during the 1996 Olympics.
A baby.
That is what she was.
And she was adorable!
YouTube her floor exercise from the Olympics - you won't regret it!
Next up, the one without pants:
Kerri Strug.
I mean, she landed on 1 foot to win the team gold.
How could you not love her!
*I had to educate Michael on who she was the other night.
He thought she was the person Tonya Harding hit with a crowbar.
It turned into me showing him all the highlights from the 96 games.
And finally, my all time favorite/hero:
Shannon Miller. 
I loved everything about her.
The fact that she is from Oklahoma.
The way she dominated the beam every single time.
And even the way she wore her hair in a bun with a white scrunchy.
I wanted to be her.
And I was! 
For 1 year in Kindergarten...I rocked the beam too.
They were the dream team, the magnificent seven, and they were so much fun to watch.
Now, I will be cheering on the 2012 girls gymnasts. 

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