Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#1 Ice Cream in Texas

Today we took the youth group to tour the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham.
It was so much fun!
Michael and I had never been, and we really only went for the free ice cream,
but is was so much more than that free little scoop.
It was so cool to see them packaging the half gallons, 
and making the ice cream sandwiches, 
and the workers were so nice to let us come in and observe.
One of them even did a little dance for us.
There were so many yummy looking treats, 
my stomach was growling the entire time.
Michael and I might have broken the "no cameras" rule to take these pictures.
We just love our tin roof and needed a picture with it!
If you are ever in the Brenham area (or Broken Arrow, OK or Sylacauga, AL)
you should definitely take an hour for the tour!
Not only do you get free ice cream, you also get the awesome hats.
What more could you want?
Also, buy Blue Bell ice cream!
Its currently #3 in the nation, but #1 in Texas
(which I've heard is all that really matters anyway, but that's Texas for you)
Our last stop of the day was at the cutest restaurant in Brenham,
Must Be Heaven.
I got the french dip, and it was so delicious!
 If this isn't Heaven, I don't know what is!


  1. Yum! Dad and I may want to go visit the next time we are in Houston.

  2. Yeah!! It is so close, and really fun!!

  3. I took the girls a few weeks ago; so fun! We also ate at that restaurant for lunch; love it!


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