Friday, December 21, 2012

Ornaments of 2012

Well, it appears that the Mayans got us good!
Or...did they??
As much as I love my blog, I refuse to believe it made it to the afterlife,
so I will just go with my true beliefs that the world is still turning and our Lord Jesus has not made His return yet, so we will continue to eagerly await that day.
In the meantime, I wanted to share about the ornaments that Michael and I picked for this year.
That's right, I said ornaments.
I could not choose just one.
And to be honest, I wanted more, but I have to set a limit somewhere.
So here they are, the ornaments of 2012:
We got the first one way back in January when we were in Orlando.
This came straight from Harry Potter World.
It was our first trip of the year, and we absolutely loved the park, so we had to commemorate it with an ornament. 

Next, I got this little beauty at the Brookwood Community.
It was handmade, and hand painted by the residents at Brookwood.
I know, it's Texas, but I just had to take the plunge.
We are homeowners now, which seemed to increase the claim we have to Texas.
Oklahoma will always be #1 in my heart, but I might as well give a little bit of love to Texas.

And lastly, we couldn't go to Las Vegas (post/s coming soon!) and not get an ornament...
or two. 
I think they represent our trip perfectly!
I also wanted an ornament to say "we bought a house!" but I just couldn't get another ornament.
We gained several other ornaments through gifts this year.
My favorite came from Sister, and I LOVE it!
 The others were given to us by Michael's family from their trip to Seattle, and cruise to Alaska. 
They are beautiful, but I forgot to take pictures.
So that wraps up the ornaments of 2012, and now, here is our beautiful tree.
 *We tried having the Christmas tree in this other room for the year.
I'm not loving it.
I think it takes away from the Christmas spirit to not be able to sit on the couch and look at my tree.
It will most likely be back in the living room next year,
unless someone helps a girl out and cuts a whole the living room wall.
cough, Jon, cough.
And here is a last view of the tree lit up.
(This new room is also very difficult to take pictures in)

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