Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are Elves (Not on Shelves)

I love holidays.
I also love parties.
Which is why I was so excited to help throw a Holiday Party for the youth group this past weekend.
Luckily, I was not the brains behind this operation
(I love parties much more when I am not in charge!)
We spent more than enough time decorating and planning, 
and the end result was well worth it!
 No, we did not make all that food.
We were so blessed to have several people from church volunteer to bring some snacks.
And they were GOOD!
My favorite part of the night was when Buddy the Elf and Jovi showed up.
Yes. My character's name is Jovi.
Don't worry, nobody else knew that either.
Or knew that I was even from the movie, Elf.
Buddy though, oh they LOVED him.
Its okay, I love him too. ;)

We had a few activities planned for the evening including:
- Making Santa magnets for the little kids at church
- A white elephant gift exchange
- Minute to Win It and other Christmas-themed games
-  A photo booth
but it is amazing how quickly teenagers get bored...
so, then we turned on a movie and just let them hang out.
Oh to have a 10 minute (or less) attention span again.
Get it - White elephant gift...elephant hat. Its funny.
It was a great night, with some great teens,
and the perfect ending to a wonderful year with this youth group!
Michael and I are already looking forward to 2013 with this incredible group!


  1. Cute party idea and very cute elves. Tabitha had us play that game where you draw on a plate on top of your head at our Leonardo's staff Christmas party! I'm so impressed with all the help you get from the youth parents and other JV members. What a blessing. See you and Santa/Buster soon. Safe travels!

  2. Should have taken a picture on a shelf! :)

  3. Bailey, we totally should have taken a picture on a shelf, but I didn't even think about that weird elf until I wrote this post!


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