Friday, December 14, 2012


All day I have refused to click the "Johns Journey" tab at the top of my browser.
I knew that if I clicked it, I would have to post.
The problems isn't that I don't have anything to post - 
it's that I have so much I don't know where to start.
I know I have been absent from the blogging world pretty much the entire month, 
but for once it is not out of sheer laziness.
I have actually been busy!
Busy living future blog posts.
And I do promise that they will one day be blog posts, but I'm just going to start small.

Last week, Michael and I took some youth kids to deliver baskets to shut-ins.
You can't deliver holiday baskets without holiday apparel!
And no, we were not the only ones dressed up.
I also made the wreath for our front door.
My mom gave me the wreath at Thanksgiving, and she had already wrapped the greenery around it. 
I just added the ornaments and bow, all which were purchased at the dollar store.
Thrifty shopper, right here.
And last Friday I drove down to Oklahoma to throw my sister a shower (more on that later) and her and Jon took me all around OKC to see the pretty lights.
And I ended my time in OKC with dinner with some of my best friends!
 (Kelci and Katie were also there)
I'm so happy that they took the time out to come and see me, even though they were busy.
I have the best friends and I'm thankful for any amount of time I get to spend with them!

So there are some of the highlights from the past week.
Get ready for some big ole blog posts coming your way soon!
...And that is how you beat avoidance!

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