Monday, December 31, 2012

Vegas Vacation - Hoover Dam Tour

Probably the best decision we made while in Las Vegas was to go on a tour of the Hoover Dam.
The second best decision was to go on the 12:00pm tour instead of the 8:00am tour.
We set it up with our hotel concierge, and it was perfect.
Our tour guide picked us up at our hotel, and after going to a couple other hotels to pick up passengers, we were on our way.
Usually, the tour guides just go straight to the freeway (at least that's what he said)
but ours took us through Old Downtown, and past Fremont Street, and all the chapels with Elvis,
and we even got to go past this place.
Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars
Michael was super excited! 
There was a really long line to get in, so we were glad that we chose not to do that.
It was a short drive out to Hoover Dam, and about 5 minutes before we got to the dam, we got to the new skybridge.
Michael does not like heights.
Which means, Michael hated this bridge!
He really hated taking this picture because I made him stand close to the edge.
And, as soon as he took the picture, he ran off that thing.
I wasn't a huge fan of the feeling of being that high, but the view was pretty great.
After walking the bridge, we continued the drive to the dam.
We took the power plant tour, and there was so shortage of dam jokes.
I loved it.
It was just like the Griswold's in Vegas Vacation.
At the end of the tour you get to walk along the top of the dam.
Michael was still not a big fan...
But he was a little happier to take a picture with me,
since I stood closest to the railing.
 I had a great time walking around the dam and taking pictures,
and to be fair, it is a long way down.
It was very interesting to hear all about the dam, why it was build, and how it was built.
I probably liked it way more than Michael did, 
but he is glad we took the day to go see Hoover Dam too.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was when the tour guide pulled off onto a scenic turnout which lead to this beautiful view of Lake Mead.
The last stop of the tour (also off the normal route) was the famous Las Vegas sign.
Michael and I had kind of been looking for it, and didn't really know where it was, so we happened to mention it to our bus driver who agreed to take us all there.
It was a little smaller than I had imagined.
And by a little, I mean a lot.
It was the perfect ending to our tour, and to our time in Las Vegas.
We still had a couple hours after this to walk around to more hotels, eat dinner, and lose my wallet before our plane left for home.
You know, all the normal vacation activities.
Thankfully, I had a little beginners luck, and the sweet old lady that found my wallet turned it in to security, who gave it back to me.
By that time, Michael and I were more than ready to get home.
It was a great trip, the perfect 2-day getaway, and we are so happy that we had the opportunity to get a way for awhile...even if it was Sin City!


  1. I love the picture of Michael on his knees looking over the edge. So funny!

    All of these pictures are so perfect! It's so lucky that you seem to have a personal photographer to walk around with you :) Haha.. Seriously though, who took them all??

  2. What's funny is that we really did have a photographer walking around with us that day!! hahaha! He was one of the people on our tour, and he was literally a photographer. We took photos for him and his wife, and he took ours! (We definitely got the better end of that deal!)

  3. Hahahaha! That's hilarious. That's awesome though!

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