Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Bairds

Christmas is officially gone in our house.
Michael and I got back to Houston last night, and spend all day today putting away Christmas.
It was sad, but it is nice to have everything back to normal.
We had a great trip to Oklahoma for the holidays though, 
and I wanted to share a few of the best moments.
First, we went to Enid for Christmas with the Bairds.
We got there Friday, had our Christmas Eve on Saturday, and Christmas day on Sunday. 
*It felt so much like Christmas, it was strange that everyone else wasn't headed home from church to their Christmas dinner on Sunday.
As with any weekend in Enid, there was breakfast at Wee Too, shopping at Park Avenue, playing at Leonardo's, board games, and lots of delicious food!
Back in the red dirt state!
Best sugar cookies in Enid!
Breakfast at Wee Too
$10 desk I passed up at the thrift store and then someone else bought it
We love a good photo op
Oliver beating us all in the speed game. Perfect!
Santa has been spotted!
Another perfect Christmas with these guys
Great new game for the family! Too bad Ben won every time...
Christmas dinner with the family - Oliver was busy playing his new DS.
The time seemed to move too fast, like always.
Michael and I are so happy that both our parents live close to each other so that we can spend time with both families on Christmas. 
My parents always go above and beyond with the holidays, 
and we are so blessed by their generosity, hospitality, and love.
It is always a very Merry Christmas when we are with the Bairds.

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  1. Just for the record, I won ONCE at Scattegories, but was second to Ben all the others! Dad & I absolutely loved every minute of our Christmas weekend too (and you are right it seemed weird that everyone else was still celebrating Christmas after Sunday). The best Christmas gifts for us are having all of you home at the same time and just spending time together, especially having the entire family together at church on Sunday. We appreciate that you and Michael are willing to travel so far to spend time with us. See you next month for the wedding!


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