Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vegas Vacation - Shows and Attractions

Wow, that hotel post got out of hand fast!
I promise to make this one a little bit shorter.
But just a little.
Our second favorite thing about Las Vegas were all the shows and attractions that the hotels offer. 
Whether it is a daytime attraction that happens on the hour, 
a nighttime show that happens on the hour,
or a night show that stars celebrities, they are all amazing!
Our first priority on Monday was to see the Bellagio fountain show.
 Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!
We only saw it the one time, but we were very impressed!
After the fountains, we went to MGM to hold baby lions.
Unfortunately, we found out that they decided to do away with the lions because they didn't make any money for the hotel. 
I was extremely disappointed!!
On the way back down the strip we bumped into these guys
And then we found the M&M store where I met this girl...
okay, she's a plastic figurine, but I was still excited.
My absolute favorite thing on the strip was definitely Paris.
I must have taken 30 pictures of the Eiffel Tower alone.
(Don't worry, I'll spare you those)
We never made it into the Paris Hotel, but the tower and the balloon were enough for me.
It was just as beautiful in the day as at night.
 *I found out later that there is an Arc de Triumph. 
I will be finding that my next time in Vegas.
I was also pretty impressed with these beautiful creatures at the Venetian.
They just walked around and posed.
And looked beautiful.
Since we only had two days in Las Vegas, we decided to see a show on Monday night.
I really wanted to go to Soul-2-Soul, a concert by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw,
but they are only in town on weekends so that was out.
Our next choice was a Christmas classic - Mannheim Steamroller
I will be honest, it was not as good a "show" as TSO,
but the music was incredible!!
Plus, they had acrobats, and it snowed on us.
It was the perfect Christmas concert for our night in Vegas.
After the show we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Palazzo.
(It wasn't good, we wouldn't recommend it)
and the restaurant had lots of Italian cars!
Tuesday night, we walked out of the Venetian just as they were about to start their nighttime show.
They know how to put on a show, that's for sure!
It was probably 20 minutes long, full of lights, music, dancing, and angels.
The last attraction that we saw was at the Mirage.
This is one that I read about online, and heard about from several others.
It is the eruption of their volcano.
It happens every hour, on the hour, starting around 6pm.
I thought it was awesome...Michael was expecting a little more.
You win some you lose some.
Just like we did not see all the hotels in Las Vegas, we did not see even close to all the shows and attractions.
I can honestly say that Vegas has something for everyone.
Whatever you are looking for, you will find it.
We were looking to see the city, explore the hotels, and see some cool shows,
and we got our wish and much more!

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  1. We saw all those typical Vegas stops our first few trips as well. This year we are trying something different though. We'll settled on an all-inclusive package for a Las Vegas golf vacation (his choice). Next year, when it's my choice, I'll be going back to the regulars like those you've shown here. Thanks for refreshing the memories for me!


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